How Comfortable is the adidas NMD boost? (Review + On Feet)

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Rabithgold 48 says:

I got them zebra nmd so far pretty comfortable

SnowZ says:

I have a wide foot and wear size 9 should I get a 9.5

161 Tsns says:

I wear an 8 in nikes should i go half a size up

Daryl Dixon says:

all of a sudden fam

Nicky Piseth says:

yeah i just got one n it doesn’t make me feel comfortable at all, and the worst part is i don no which size fit me best i got 7.5 and 7 but i don know they both dont feel good, i don’t ppl wer is lose tight ? omg i can’t

Christian Gapuz says:

Yet to buy ultras, just not a fan of the silhouette of the pure boost. Cheaper NMDs were my first boost, and then I got Primeknit NMDs and it’s a relatively big jump up in terms of comfort

maddogzsinz says:

anyone use the nmds for running? im interested in buying one to replace my old pair of running shoes and i was hoping for some input on this matter, thanks!

OhhAspire says:

These are so hard to get in my size…can someone link me some place with a black color wave or grey or grey white or black white in size 11?

enrique contreras says:

Is NMDS a no sock thing ??

Solomon Cha says:

those are fake

chris L says:

I don’t know what it is, but the NMD is so damn uncomfortable for my foot. The arch of my foot starts hurting within a minute of walking with them on. I own two pairs (the Yellow “Human Race” NMDs and the Black OG joints with the blue and red on the midsole), and both are extremely uncomfortable. On the flipside, I own several pairs of Ultra Boosts and a few Yeezys, and all of them are super comfortable, so it’s something specifically about the NMDs.

If anyone has a similar experience, is there a particular insole you used to fix it, or did you just give up on them? I’m at the point I might just sell both pairs and cop something else, which would suck because I really like the way they look. That said, I’m not gonna wear a shoe if it’s uncomfortable, regardless of how good it looks.

Dan Lins says:

nmd xr1 pk or ultra boost?

Pony Smofor says:

What’s comfier. Nmd or pureboost and what’s the better overall shoe?

multipl3 says:

I was let down by the lack of amazing comfort on the NMD that you get with the ultraboost. But the NMD looks miles better. I will put an extra insole in as suggested

Matt says:

Hey, anyone know where i can cop a pair of Pure Boost 2’s?

Thijn Rutten says:

these or asics?

Joshua Ho says:

My NMDs cut into my heel really badly. Any ideas on how to remedy this problem, or would the shoe eventually break in and not hurt my heel anymore?

Nicky Piseth says:

yeah i just got one n it doesn’t make me feel comfortable at all, and the worst part is i don no which size fit me best i got 7.5 and 7 but i don know they both dont feel good, i don’t ppl wer is lose tight ? omg i can’t

Luis Lizama says:

how tall are you? Does size 9 1/2 look big on you?

Abrahim Taha says:

ultra boost will always be the most comfortable adidas. Nmd’s cost less because it doesn’t use material that is used for ultra boost

Daniel Lugo says:

how’s the sizing?

Zsa Zsa Ikin says:

i think it’s the insole…i put in ultra boost insoles in my nmd and the nmd becomes similarly comfortable

BamboozleBeats says:


on88keys says:

thank you fuck nmds faggots

rozario orlan says:

picked up the japan boost pk nmd and wasn’t as comfortable as expected. about a week of wearing them and they’re not uncomfortable or bad, just not as comfortable as 350s or UB. i just threw in an adidas neo cloudfoam insole into my nmd and they feel similar to UB now, i definitely would recommend it!

Ryan M says:

sneakers look so ugly

Cup Noodles says:

How does the ultra boost feel????

Robert Ayala says:

how fast do nmds sell out

averyD98 says:

The boost on the NMDs is not sculpted like the PureBoost and Ultra Boost. It’s just a block of boost. Still, boost is amazing

Victor T says:

How is the ankle support?? (My right ankle is not that great and i walk/stand a lot)

rush 24 says:

I need it please (adidas nmd)

Steven Phan says:

It’s because of the lego blocks

ಠ_ಠ says:

It’s because that plastic box in the back goes through the boost

Adam Van Seters says:

I feel like the cushion is compromised because of the plugs. they are not just on the surface. they actually take place of the boost so you have the tpu bricks not just all boost like other boost models

Randall Lobo says:

i put a cheap foam insole in my nmd r1, ….feels amazing

Nikon D3200 says:

Is there any Adidas which meet the following
*Gore Tex
*Continental Outsole
*All Black

Patrick Juneau says:

Get footprint insoles… it changed my life.

Zack Taylor says:

NMD’s suck.. Ultra Boost all the way

SQUAA!! SQUAA!!! says:

One of your nmd’s are fake.

VNCTH says:

Did anyone get a dent on the block? Does anyone know if theres a way to fix it?

Pop.Up says:

These NMDs are R1s, they are a bit cheaper than the regular NMD with a sock like primeknit. They have mesh, so they aren’t as confortable I think. I own a pair of R1 and even though I really like them I just prefer the primeknit top, especially the new realease XR1

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