Process: The Adidas Ultra Boost AKA “The World’s Best Running Shoe”

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In a previous post, we took a behind-the-scenes look at adidas’ latest offering in the form of the Ultra Boost running shoe. Now, in an HYPEBEAST PROCESS video, we get to watch the entire process in the production of the latest sneaker. Despite living in the modern age where nearly everything that is created is done so by autonomous machinery, it’s refreshing to see that there is some level of human intervention to produce the polished product. From the complete knitted uppers to boxing the complete pair, this short exploration in the construction of the Ultra Boost sheds light on the breakdown of the minimal, lightweight running shoe, and the attention to detail implemented by the workers.

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Adidas and Nike are just promoting the idea of flyknit, as you can see from the video,it is just from flat knit machine on shimazaki ot stoll, not advanced tech at all.dont be fooled.

ahsan hamid says:

Total cost of production per shoe $3. Total sale price $200. The actual worker gets $50 per month, the company makes a $1 mil. In the end the athletes getting paid $100 mil contracts to endorse these shoes are the real winners. The worker and the average joe middle class buyer are the biggest losers.

Edward Rictofen says:

is it just me or did this put anyone else off on buying the shoe?

koike28 says:

Why I couldn’t see any faces you fuckin racists?!?!?

Xellos Metallium says:

$180 for a pair ouch

johndee759 says:

All these workers can afford these shoes but could they feed their families after purchasing the shoe?

tomi lui says:

All i see are asian people

panda motion says:

NBA players prone to injuries should try ultraboost

20082002 00 says:

Process: The Adidas Ultra Boost AKA “The World’s WORST Running Shoe” bought it for running have 3 pairs destroyed now and they suck got alot of compliments though

some stingy on the internet says:

“worlds best selling running shoe”honestly most people are there just to collect the shoes and not run with em lmao

zhang slloop says:

Looking good

TrashWang Shabbaz says:

These look good with some sweat pants…#COZY GAME

jimmy laa says:

wow so many fresh adidas

John Brooks says:

This factory looks much better than the nike ones… thumbs up for Adidas

Eric Limbos says:

where are they made? how ate the workers treated? Do they get a reasobable wage? why hiding the workers on your video….


“”>adidas Men’s Ezar 1.0M Vista Grey, White and Solar Lime Running Shoes – 10 UK/India (44.67 EU)

Foxy says:

They look like prestos


This is the blue ones factory. Can you make a video for other colors?

mikhail aldonza says:

they keep asking why there’s always a fake made in china, because the original is made in china also >.<

Bryant Huynh says:

I hope these factories have AC for these workers because thats some work

xclimatexcoldxx says:

Is this how it’s really made or is it ignoring chinese people with chains forced to make the shoes?

حمدي إبراهيم اليمن says:


Kael Thas says:

Wants to cop that jacket at 2:13

some stingy on the internet says:

that woman deserves a better job than just packaging shoes

Fico Jay says:

horrible music edit

Jack says:

Fuck Adidas you pay almost 300 for damn shoes and this bitch 2:57 package it like cheap shit do quietly bitch.

Fuck You Adidas

Samuel says:

Lol, look at all you sheeple hypnotized by media into thinking this is some incredible technology. I bet you’ve never worn a premium Saucony, or New balance. You’ve probably never even heard of Hoka One One. All you have to compare with Adidas is Nike since thats all you’ve ever previously worn. You just hop on the band wagon with whatever is popular. You likely don’t even know the difference between neutral and stability shoes.

jimmy laa says:

1:24 adidas should make a cleat/boot that look like that..awesomeeee

abdullah alotaibi says:

Best shoes in the world

毕骞 says:

Ultra boost 1.0 is the GOAT

Conqwiztadore22 says:

mass produced styrofoam selling at around 200-400 geez

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