Adidas keeps on coming out with some great shoes!
These Adidas INIKI runners are super comfortable and they seem to have a better feel for me compared to NMD’s!
This will not be the most hype shoe to come out, but it is definitely a shoe that can stay in the rotation!

Let me know your thoughts on the INIKI runner!
Also, let me know your thoughts on rocking a red shoe!

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David Motley says:

just bumped me a pair. hope they coming up with some all white cream off white colourway and tan rubber tings. fireeeeeee

Niels Johan Bukh says:

Nice video! I will get them on monday!!

Wyatt Wolfman says:

size 7 available dm me @wyattwolfman

Данил Пирогов says:


CJ Sneakers says:

i love the colorway! just not a fan of the shoe…. great video tho bro!

Nick Syor says:

I think the word is Hawaiian. I know Iniki was a Hurricane that struck the islands.

HollyLeahJ says:

Awesome review man. Glad yours worked out better than mine. Idk why mine was a total fail. Although I did like the old school look plus the new school look!

Daniel Kim says:

once again great video

Harry Arimini says:

Fuckin peng pair of crepes

luc nee says:

pretty good video but stop with the asking for likes and subscribers at the start of a video, its kinda obnoxious and amateur-ish. review was dope tho

REAL MADRID zz says:

Confortable than ultra boost?

Dennis Brehmer says:

Get youtube views on u2bzone(dot)C O M

Lavender ish says:

Hey, it’s funny how everyone is butchering the name lol. I also made my review and I agree on the Japanese vibe! Anyway check out my review and let me know what you think!!

Jacob Malo says:

If they didn’t have Boost no body would give a shit. I would though

tony says:

They look pretty nice, but doesn’t look like something that’s exactly “lit”

Make Money Not Friends says:

What camera you use along with the lens?

Myles says:

But it is a Boost Box? It says Boost in big letters all around it…

neoyorke says:

Love these, I want the grey ones.

Jerry Zheng says:

The lace is way too loooong..

Ryan Manahan says:

Get a bit of a NB 574 vibe from these

Eric Doe says:

Good vid. I just grabbed these also. Subbed too

Matthew W says:

How do hey run size wise

rayrapphael bisnar says:

A6300? Lmk fam.

Hello says:

I hope we can get these in some cool retro colors later on.

JFANderful says:

How much did you pay for that white mountaineering shirt? I havent been able to convince myself to drop 50 on it

Chow Pefianco says:

cool vid

Charlie Hang says:

What kind of pants are you wearing in the vid?

Max's Basement says:

Just subscribed to ur channel.. this the second review i watched for u .. u seem humble and knowledgeable about shoes .. stay like that !!!

Random Things! says:


bdgy7 says:

these joints are fire

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