STOP WEARING THESE SNEAKERS! ( Runners vs Running Shoes ) | Nike Roshe , Adidas NMD vs Running shoes


Trying to clear up the purpose of running shoes to lifestyle casual shoes like the UltraBOOST NMD roshe EQT New balance cruz 247

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Jacob Zweifach says:

what do you think about nike free runs

Gold Block says:

3:39 u said adidas instead of new balance.. hehe. I know that, i know so many sneakers and shoes that i misbrand some of them.

Edit: Oh my god, You are my favorite you tuber and you hearted my comment! wow

JD Zellers says:

So according to you, it seems the tread is the only difference.

EphyNana Family says:

Love his Vid. I do argue this topic with my fellow runner. Kind funny the new runner just grab the cool expensive NMD or the most COOLEST NIKE

Idkhowtonamemyself says:

A friend of mine has a pair of R1s and CS2s and recently completely flipped out about everyone running in NMDs because they actually have no traction
same for any EQTs, i have a pair of 93/17 (like the ones shown) and a friend has a pair of Support ADVs and we both have *no* traction when its rainy or snowing

isaac 2111 says:

Am I the only one thinks this guy narate it much more fun..and got a lot sense of humor?

Rio R says:

What about Nike Cortez??? Run forest run

ascendence says:

cry more bitch nigga

CarterSauce TM says:

The sass was real here

Derek Whitmer says:

Converse and Vans are Painful to run in

Tommy Lakasi says:

If you say we can run in watever we want, does that mean i can run my 10k in my pink crocs

mg damle says:

Man I have the same blue nike sneakers like you

delphine missongo says:

You are definitely right

Jamison Michael says:

Check out PART 2 of this topic here :

Ali An says:

I never knew that I was about to buy a Nike air huarache *run*

MrKarter HuH says:

love this lol was just having this conversation a couple days ago.

Michael Mell says:

Dang it! I just bought Nike Roshe shoes today, for my gym classes for school, well dang darn-it.

kim taehyung says:

this is actually factually helpful. Wore my brothers roshe run thinking it was good for running – used it to run and play ball – big mistake. The upper is so loose my foot felt as if it was about to slide off the sole and tear apart trying to do any hard stops or pivots.

Spread the word. Honestly, naming shoes “runners” is so misleading – so many people wear runners for running, not knowing any better and it is such a bad idea

z- man says:

lots of people look lost or confused:

non running: anything jordan or basketball shoe, roshies or with a high to mid high side wall (you do more turning and pivoting when walking)
running shoe: retaliation tr, zoom winflo 4 shield, run swift, nike fs lite (thin sole for pushing off)

you can maybe get away with vapormaxs since they have a very sticky sole

Lil Bleuu says:

Shut up bro let people wear what they want to wear idiot

Ed W says:

If I’m out running and I see anyone running in a pair of Vans they better be under 15yrs old and running from the cops with a skate board tucked under one arm and a bag of prank gear tucked under the other.

Project Spectre says:

Thank you for clarifying it

Nelson Fernandes says:

I’m getting Samuel Jackson vibes from this guy, good review though.

Shin chan says:

can i use running shoes as sneaker??

Ethan Cozine says:

Are the Nike metcon repper dsx and Nike varsity compete trainer running or runner shoes?

J T says:

Could you do a guide on how to tell the difference?

TheHunger_One says:

I totally disagree any shoe like the NMD can be good for running. It is like saying Jordan’s will make you better at basketball. On everyday level sure i agree that Adidas Ultra boosts are way better but if i am going out for a run i would do not have a problem running with the NMDS. I’m just running i don’t care. People run bare foot for god sakes. Look at peoples shoes i bet half of them don’t care what shoes to ware.

First Name Last Name says:


MONERISplayzTM says:

What about the huarache? Are those running shoes?

Peter Tran says:

I see too many people running in roshes

ffmdotcom says:

fighting windmills mate – but keep it up!

John De Luna says:

It’s mostly about running mechanics. Just wear whatever is most comfortable to you.

elseptimo77 says:

All that explanation and no one give af

Charles Tristan Dale Certeza says:

Hey man! Full respect to you for this. U remind me of Chris Tucker, tho, and I meant that in a cool way.

Alberto Flores says:

I run with yeezes on

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