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For the last couple of years, sneakerheads have been raving about adidas Boost. The technology has been made a part of the Kanye West adidas Yeezy Boost shoes as well as UltraBoost and the adidas NMD which has seen collabs with BAPE, Hypebeast, and High Snobiety. If you ever wanted to know what boost is, I took a trip to the adidas campus in Florida, a sneaker collectors dream and instead of doing some sneaker shopping, found out the truth about adidas Boost.

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Nathaniel Lionell says:

looks like styrofoam

Vihan Subramaniam says:

For those saying it’s styrofoam, styrofoam would not hold up what so ever, it doesn’t even bounce well.

JACKTUMBO universal says:


Ajdin K. says:

easiest anwser they are shoes

Jak wa says:

I hate it when you come down to the comments at the start of a video and someone spoils it for you

The GOAT says:

Boost is Bae

Emiliyan Yankov says:

“Energy return” = 1% ? OK… you can STFU and never repeat this BULLSHIT marketing term again.

willie beard says:

Booooooost!$! Boostmazing… 4.0 Triple Black my First pair…

GaryGot says:

Adidas stole “boost” from Puma


Sooo… Styrofoam

Charlie Donnelly says:

Bruh boost looks like styrofoam cups, ugly as hell

Nuu b says:

00:21 Kan-yay

Kip G. says:

They Need to make boost apparel. C’MON ADIDAS

Daniel Leverton says:


Bronson Neho says:

4:34 this mofo has a cocktail bar setup in his office lol

Vinales Zhu says:

Me llamo vinales soy una comerciante profesional de china con mucha experiencia en zapatillas y otros articulos te ofresco la mejor calidad y al mejor precio. Si deseas trabajar conmigo mi whatsapp es: +8613275940312 y con gusto te atendere.

Alex M says:

Wow I just watched 8 min Adidas ad

Eternity Playz says:

I’m thinking of getting blue NMD R1’s and I might order them, or should I find them in a store so I can try them on to see if I like how they feel.

2000's kid says:

I hear BOOST all the time on xbox

Lotus says:

where’s the seth fowler shoutout?

John In says:

You look like Caron butler

blindabinda123 says:

Boost comes from turbos….. Not plastic rice.

Gershon Pollatschek says:

So how much did Adidas pay you?

Ten Kenobi says:

das die Sole länger ist als die Ferse, sieht so bescheuert aus. ruiniert den gesamten look von dem Schuh.

Royal Penguin says:


Its Daviiied says:

where can you get in a tub full of this?

i’m asking for a friend…

Jason Carranza says:

Boost Mobile

Marie Constant says:

Jacques side of Your Mr LE GOUVERNOR of Mass…and Karyn POLITO…..

John Bridges says:

I demand Addidas Ultra BOOST Bed next for extra performance and energy return!

Brandon Key says:


The killian experiment says:

Wheres the e in adidas

Moist Biscuit says:

3:34 why so much alcohol

Stan Van Doren says:

4:33 This guy knows how to enjoy work

Vanessa Ripperger says:


David Fernandez says:


Zlatan Ibrahimolim says:


MasoMink says:


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