Are Cheap Running Shoes Any Good ?

We’ve put 4 cheap running shoes (bought for less than $40) through serious testing to check how they perform.

A few months ago we reviewed a $16 pair of running shoes, here’s the link

Many viewers asked us to run a comparison between the entry-models for big brands. We had to oblige.

Hope you enjoy the video, and here are the links to the full review of all 4 shoes:






arbanaskocudo says:

Maybe if guru gave me 60$ i could buy some cool 100$ shoeeeees

Samyak Vaidya says:

I thought adidas was gonna win

Niel Daniel says:


calvin chia says:

Yay, I have that. Is the asics gel zone 3 good?

antonio guzman says:

you should try testing payless running shoes

Norm Ngim says:

These shoes would probably work fine for casual runners and those with feet that aren’t too particular. Shoe connoisseurs wouldn’t like them because they don’t have the high-tech features and craftsmanship to look at when you take them off after a run. A good alternative is to buy last year’s models which are often heavily discounted.

taucan62 says:

So you downgraded the Adidas based on something that had not yet occurred (wear down)? Quite a…review there.

didoma73 says:

Hey, what is the Saucony model that you are holding up at 0:20?

Nick says:

200 miles just to test running shoes? Oh my god!

badgr fan says:

i havent tried the saucony yet but the other brands in this video are TRASH. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE BRANDS ANYMORE UNTIL THEY MAKE QUALITY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these brands have ALL sold out and no longer make quality shoes. there shoes are all made for $5 or $6 bucks a pair over seas and they just put a big name brand on them and sell them to clueless kids at local malls who dont know what quality is yet. i will post back on here when i find a shoe worth buying.

Dinesh Singh Rawat says:

Just an Observation, the Guy is wearing Saucony Sweatshirt 🙂

red ash says:

I subscribed because I like people who review something that everyone can buy

ehhhhhhhhhh says:

Gotta admire your dedication to really using each shoe fully.

Paul Nguyen says:

l like to run while admiring the view what shoe is better for me nike flex or nike free

ijna says:

Its weird most cheap shoes are neutral foot types, I have very flat feet.. That’s 150 for a shoe that supposedly works.. I usually look for the sole to be out wider under arch and some support for arch not just flimsy materia!l..and cushioning has to be good.. Nice video : )

Rav says:

lol the asics are 100 and the adidas are 90 in australia

Skylab Records says:


Jon Larson says:

I can’t find any of those shoes for less for than $40. on Amazon they are all at least $55-65 for size 10.5.

dalton blishanoh says:

I run when I’m in danger… that pretty much it.

bloodcorer says:

The Saucony is for supination of overpronation? Iam thinking of buying the cohesion 9

Jay C says:

Great review!

Will Hamkin says:

good fucking video man

HistoricNerd says:

I loved my $180 dollar Nike airs but their bladder popped when I left them in my hot car during the summer 🙁

Ali says:

thanks bro

carmenism says:

Cool test!

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