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Asics Dynaflyte 2 review. An alternative to the Asics dynamis Cumulus or Nimbus. Flytefoam makes for one of the best running shoe.


A lot of you been asking me for add some of the antics and nonsense from my older videos. I figure I’d make this one for you guys. I know everyone might not like the intro and nonsense…but hey, We’re just having some fun 🙂 ENJOY


Любовь Ломоносова says:

Great review!!! I already want the shoe 🙂 after watching your video!

pmc PMC says:

Dude great intro!!! Keep it up!

Riccardo Mares says:

Great Review Micheal. Did you feel solved the trouble of the previous model about “warm” from upper and sole too? Thanks!

TheRenn92 says:

Finally! Yes! I have been waiting for this~ Own the first model for a couple of months now, love it.
Glad Asics don’t ruin the second version.
And Jami, glad to see your production quality has been improved, keep it up man.

Lavender ish says:

Hahahha that music at the intro!! Hahah great review once again!

Tortilla Chip Gaming says:

Do a review of the Nemeziz TR (adidas)

Spar Valencia says:

that outro tho

Jayr Naidas says:

Planning to purchase this shoe though Im also considering Saucony FreedomISO.

Planning to use it in Ultra Runs.

Please Help. Thanks

kofuzi says:

great review. love the slow mo shots

Prince odinson says:

U run like a short distance sprinter not like a middle or long distance runner… u need todo a review for the ppl that land heel first…

dru812002 says:

Do you like them better than the RoadHawk FF?

lance roe says:

Wish they made them a bit wider maybe just to a 2e

Charlieyoyoer says:

Do you know who brad hall is?

Leopoldo Godoy says:

Great news, the original Dynaflyte is by far the best pair of running shoes I’ve ever owned, so it’s great they improved it without screwing up everything. Hope they arrive quickly in Brazil (and without a hefty price tag)

Steve Starr says:

OMG……the music at the beginning….killed me! LOVE IT! Great job, Jamison!

carlitos220 says:

Hey, I love your charisma! just wanted to ask you a bro to bro question. Would you rather buy a Nike Pegasus 33 or this Asics Dynaflyte 2? if price was not an issue and you wanted the more comfortable and durable of the two. Thanks and keep up the great content.

Palmer Madson says:

These vs. the Saucony Ride 10’s? Love your running form man. Impressive how well you run on the balls of your feet. Thanks!

Slava SS says:

not understood…why you prefer them rather than cumulus or nimbus?

Beau Rodriguez says:

Awesome review

Charlieyoyoer says:

Do a light up Skechers review

Peter del Mar says:

What do you like more vomero 12 or 11

Bobby Paterno says:

Great intro. Also you’ve got great form, looks like you land almost entirely on your forefoot, what kind of athletic background do you have?

Sully Mems says:

These are also the best looking running shoes out there right now in my opinion. Loved the first version. Will be getting these.

TheKcrossen says:

I liked the intro!! Fun and different!!

korling99 says:

nice review jami! one thing that might help some of us in future reviews would be to mention if the shoe comes in wide or narrow.

Queco17 9 says:

Hi can You do a review on the Nike free RN motion flyknit 2.0 with them straps pleeeeeaaaaasseeee

Darius Brown says:

Love the intro!

Josh M says:

What an ugly shoe vs dynaflyte 1….and that’s some serious supination!

James Ambrocio says:

yo that was an awesome outro.
I cri evreyteim.

korling99 says:

New Balance Fuel Cell v1 – I think it was just recently released

Riccardo Mares says:

Great Review Micheal. Did you feel solved the trouble of the previous model about “warm” from upper and sole too? Thanks!

Slow-wipe says:

I too, troll the playground for no reason. I am not a pedofile

Ashton Howard says:

Great video! love your comedy in your videos and the edit & music choice was great. Your channel is getting better with every video you make! 🙂

TF XC Running Shoe Reviews says:

I haven’t had a chance to try these on yet, but I loved the original Dynaflytes!

Crummock iPhail says:

Ayyyy that intro legit made me laugh. I’ve never tried the Dynaflyte, I thought the first one was kind of ugly so I never wore them lol. The looks are on point with this one though, I like the white swooping in from the heel.

C Chan says:

Can you compare the Dynaflyte 2 to the Pegasus 34? Thanks!

Roslan Nazri says:

Asics gel kayano 24 review plzzzz.tq

Siddharth V says:

I have the Dynaflyte, awesome for runs

Samuel says:

Heyy bro mind helping me checking out my review on the kinvara 8? cheers!

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