Asics Cumulus 20 running shoe review. almost like the nimbus, neutral shoe, gt 2000 and Kayano would be better for pronation.

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yu yang says:

nice shoes

Glassy Star says:


topoisomerace says:

Bonus points to Rajeem for matching his shirt to his shoes perfectly. No wonder he’s a coach.

Hai Jie Zhen says:

His form is awesome!

Kariem Eid says:

Bruh you pomping out the vids

Paulo Santos says:

Hey Jamison, do you overpronate? Or are you a neutral runner?

Rover Lenza says:

dope intro

Christoffer Ekberg says:

If the Cumulus 20 is stiff but it can’t be felt while running, do you mean the different layers?

Federico Calvo says:

Great review!

Josh B. says:


AndyJC says:

Been waiting for thissssssssss

The4Wattsies says:

Jami has the special edition that contains vibranium.

Believe in the Run says:

Sweet track!

RationallyRunning says:

Loved the video/not such a fan of the shoe.

Ed says:

This shoe and all Asics would be so much better if they just had a lower heel to toe drop. It looks like it takes too much effort to overcome a heel strike in this shoe.

Harkawaljit Singh says:

Is there a flytefoam topsole insert also , as in Saucony everun topsole ?

JB de Joya says:

I think (or would like to) that I run a bit like this; any issues with the cushioning, if he lands mostly somewhere near the middle of the shoe? Did they still include Gel pads in the forefoot (does it matter/affect the ride?)

Slava SS says:

are the officially released? in shops are everywhere only 19th version…

Daniel McBride says:

I agree that the heel counter is very stiff. I think Asics shoes are very comfortable, but their ridiculously rigid heel counters are the only thing that don’t work for me, so I can’t wear them because it aggravates my Haglund’s.

Michael Fong says:

Is this your first review of a cumulus?

Dorival Torres says:

Hello, I think I’ll buy this shoes, but is it a good idea to compare with another one or is it safe to buy?

Revin Hoang says:


Mike Land says:

Good review the shoe is stiff in my opinion

Zun Hong Quek says:

Great job Jamison keep up the good work!

Bow Hunter says:

Finally a decent review of the 20.

RueyTenTen says:

Which would you recommend? Dynaflyte2 or this?

Makunga Hurui says:


Hu ni says:

which one should i buy asics cumulus or nimbus ? which one is more soft?

Richard Zambrano says:

Good evening then which shoe is your favorite neutral long distance over 10K running shoe

Joey Simon says:

jami is like the supreme of running shoe reviews

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