ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 Review (Also vs Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoes)

➡ Kayano 25:
➡ Kayano 24:

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ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 Review (Also vs Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoes). In this video, Jeff covers the ASICS Gel Kayano 25 running shoes review. He also makes to discuss ASICS Gel Kayano 25 vs 24 running shoes. The ASICS Kayano 25 stability running shoes have a new upper, a new foam midsole and a slightly larger toe box. These new ASICS athletic shoes also weigh about half an ounce more than the prior Kayano 24 model. All in all, Jeff thinks you should save the money and go with the ASICS Gel-Kayano 24 running shoes. Still, we’ll see if these ASICS running shoes land on the list for the Best Stability Running Shoes 2018 or Best Long Distance Running Shoes 2018. Thanks for watching.

ASICS Gel Kayano 25 Vs 24 Running Shoes Review:

ASICS Gel Kayano 24 Review:

ASICS Gel-Kayano 24 vs Gel-Nimbus 19 Review:

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 20 Review:

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Lucas Meredith says:

The 24 no doubt. Why buy a shoe for that price with minimal improvement from the version before? Newer isn’t always better.

jeromy ross says:

Congrats on 100,000 downloads. I’d say 24 for price

robert laurence says:

My daughter runs cross country how do they compare to her current shoes ghost?

Reddit ARTC says:

Price isn’t worth it but cool upgrade on the toe box.

Ouie says:

The 24 due to the price. Not sure the 60 plus is worth it for me.

Edgar Ortiz says:

You’ve convinced me Jeff and yes I also think the 24’s are a greater product, no need to spent 50+ extra dollars for minor upgrades. However that’s me personally, but if you have the money for it, then go for it!

Luis Serrano says:

Review the dynaflyte 3s

Martin LaVare says:

24’s, but I have truly enjoyed the Scott series of running shoes…both road and trail. I plan to stick with them and it would be great if you could review them.

AJ H says:

25’s why, becuse after about 365 days on the shelf the foam is not as effective in shoes. So if you want maximum cush do yourself a favor and pick up a 25.

Yuk Ming Chin says:

Time to change from Asics to other shoe company for my next stability running shoe. (p/s: from user of Asics Gel-Kayano 20 & 22)

Rev Ell says:

Price wins this battle, 24s!…. Sn. the 25s color in this video is noiiice!

Sarah H says:

24s r cheaper. But these aint the shoes for me. Im more neutral with high arches. Looking into the on running shoes. Even thought there 150 160. Ive had the same nikes for 8 years. Congrats on 100,000


Haven’t tried the 25’s yet. 24’s are great. 20’s were the best

Karayah Holly says:

I buy shoes in the clearance section at Shoe Carnival, so both of these are above my pay grade. Lol.

Jonathan Boyd says:

I’d go 24 because of the lower price.

Historybuff19 says:

Well done

Blake Warren says:

I have wide feet so I would prefer the 25, but at 50-60 more I would probably still get the 24. I want a suggestion on a great shoe for someone that spends most of the day on concrete and outside doing manual labor

joe TheBet says:

I find the Kayano series to be more narrower compared to other shoes. What does it mean to have size 12 2E or 4E?

M Mustafa Malik says:

I own Ultraboost, Nike Zoom Fly, the Nike Pegasus 35 but I love the Asics Kayano 25. When I went into the store i tried the 24’s and 25’s and the 25’s were way more comfortable!!! It took me about using them for 2 miles for them to get comfortable. I got the Ultra Boost, Zoomflys in July with the Asics 25 and Pegasus 35 Turbo 3 weeks back but the Pegasus 35 is the best shoe. Mother of all sneakers. They loook damn slick in blue with jeans and any jogger pants. ASICS kicks nike and Addidas. Its the only proper running shoe guys. And trust me the 24 is rubbish compared to the 25s.

Andrew M says:

New is not always better.

PutSomeDsonThatBlink says:

I bought the 25s and had to send them back. I suddenly got a bruised like pain on the very top of my calf (bottom of my knee). I have no idea why they caused this

Jason Outmezguine says:

ASICS Gel-Kayano 24. Not that much of a difference for a large jump in price.

Rich A. says:

Neither for me. I wear a 2E size and find all ASICS to be narrow on my feet. I’ve even tried their 4e size. Still to narrow. The best fit for me is a brooks 2E.

hollernathan says:

Can you review Garmin Tactix Charlie watch? Thank you

Jeng Quan says:

Kayano 24/25 or peg 35?

Bay Morgan says:

Hi, do you like the kayano 23 lite show? Looking for something to work in doing retail ty

iHealth says:

woo, you review every things 🙂

Krishnapriya Varma says:

Please do a video on best hiking shoes

Amanda Puspita Sari says:

Hi, Jeff. Would you consider to do a video on best stability running shoes from different brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Hoka, Brooks, Saucony, etc? Would be appreciated if you do. 🙂

Ronan Griffin says:

I think the 24s because the they are nearly the same shoes but 24s are cheaper

Samantha Turn says:

24s, it’s cheaper, and RizKnows said it’s not worth it for the 25s, and I trust them so 24s it is. I get that either one will help with my flat footed feet.

Alexis Soriano says:

I had to run run run to watch this video

Jéferson ALbino says:

very good review, I loved this color of the kayano 25 congratulations Jeff watch your channel here from Brazil

rvtBC says:

For me, a larger toebox is a definite plus. I stopped buying Kayanos over the last few iterations as I found the toebox getting too tight and constricting. And they are noticeable heavier than many of their competitors.

strickstang85 says:

My 22s are still better

annichaaa says:

I wouldn’t have gone for the 25’s until you said about the wider toe box. I have a bunion and am an over pronator and the last time I wore them they were hurting my bunion. It was so strange since they have been fine for about 4 -6 months and do not put heavy mileage on them. So either I have to make the laces looser or get the 25 when they are on sale in Australia. Thanks for the review

KEEN Abad says:

Review the anker spirit x earphones love your Vids keep up the good work

Aphiet Aprianto says:

Rizknows is basically my go to reviewer for all things running gear. So sad that riz hasn’t reviewed Newton Running shoes ever. I would love to see the review in each iteration

The Third Eye says:

24s because I’m a tightarse. Could you do a comparison with adidas ultra boost?

Ryan MACK says:

I’ll take the 24s ….and any ultra boost you want to give up lol

upagupta das says:

Nice review . I have the 23s . But i dont run in them quite often because i find them so heavy

Alexis Soriano says:

I’d pick the 24’s because it’s more affordable

Anurag Garikipati says:

Hey guys Please make a vs Nike pegasis 35

Ross Bagatski says:

I think there is no need to overpay for 25. 24th will just do the job.

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