ASICS GEL-KAYANO 25 REVIEW | Best Supportive shoe?

ASICS GEL Kayano 25 Support pronation control running shoe review. try Nimbus for neutral shoes. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE REVIEWS


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Scott Balkum says:

Man, those sunset running shots…. That’s production value!

Nathalie Calvano says:

It’s about time asics makes improvements in that shoe. It actually loos good. Not sure about the weight but maybe for long run

wildwest1 says:

Back to back like Steph and the Warriors.

Indra Prambudi says:

Is it MAGA approved?

David Sungwoo Son says:

Not lighter than its predecessor? I’m really wondering if it is

Edwin chattellon says:

Who’s killing it? Jami

Glassy Star says:

Two reviews in two days what madness is this

Paulo Santos says:

I have this shoe! I quite like it a lot. Great review. I’m glad you review shoes for overpronators as well!

SaligkarAKIS says:

Someome who is neutral or underpronator could wear this?

TF XC Running Shoe Reviews says:

Great review! I’m looking forward to trying them out

DeckardWill says:

Ahh, birdsong.

MiracleWarriors says:

When I was overweight a few years ago the Kayano 23 helped me to get in shape ! I destroyed that shoe for using it day and night for near a year.
Good times but not sure if I would go back to use one since I only overpronate a little now and from only one foot.
Anyways it is an amazing shoe to help those who needs stability support for long runs or for those that don’t have strong legs , feet and hips yet and need extra help to get in shape with safety.

Taylor Bennett says:

This video quality is great! Punky Tay approved.

류경목 says:

fun review 😀 it remind me dynaflyte review

George Angelopoulos says:

I’ve been meaning to ask for a while, do you run with the runners filming? Are you on a bike? It’s so steady. Great job 😉

Hunter King says:

Yo Jami I’ve been running in Adidas ultra boost uncaged and adidas DPR. I was thinking about getting the Nike Pegasus 35 but I’m not sure if i should stick with the boost or not. Do you think i should get the Pegasus 35 or another pair of ultra boost or energy boost. Thanks

RUNNER 4 Life says:

I think this shoe would be great

hans gerd says:

180€ – no thanks.

THチャーヌ says:

I were waiting for this, Great review

Sunny Le says:

Cook vid and love the long evolution of the Kayanos. Nice Aztec drums at the end of the vid also

Frank Ding says:

Great job on the filming and color grading on this one!! Looks great. And good review too, of course.

didoma73 says:

There’s not enough gel in there

Rio the Chill Boy says:

I hate Asics Kayanos. I say to anyone who cares DO Not buy Asics Kayanos. They’re heavy, hot & racist!

itsnw says:

Thanks for showing the guidance requiring crowd some love!

Jason Powell says:

Have you considered doing a review on the Brooks Ghost 11?

Justine Chang Lee Hau says:

Video quality is real good

Keith Garcia says:

I have stability issues on my right ankle. The kayano line has been excellent for me. I’m in my second pair.

ReggiewithTwoGs says:

Nice intro. Love the color grading on this video as well.

Andrew D says:

That intro was awesome.

upagupta das says:

Great one

J Max says:

Great review (as always). Please review the Glycerin 16 next!

Chris C says:

You know it’s a good weekend when you get Jami’s videos two days in a row #BacktoBack

Miriam Bamaca says:


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