Asics gel nimbus 21 running shoe review. This is embarrassing. It is not soft..its SAWFT. Please let me know how you guys feel on this one. I am vastly disappointed.

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S6N 6F G6D says:

can you review the asics metarun?

Jazz1587 says:

Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this shoe is garbage.

David Serrano says:

AMAZING review!! I thought that I was the only one that was confused by watching other reviews. They must get a cut of the sales. The 20s were garbage. I quit wearing Asics after running for thirty minutes in those. I am a proud owner of Brooks Ghost 11s. I love them!!

yosef adan says:

these shoes are amaizing, the best running shoes ever made, real race horse

Kate Awesomeness says:

Could you review
Adidas Pod-S3.1?
I have them as a lifestyle, and have tried running in them… very comfortable! I think you might like them… totally recommend!

Zeh Doce says:

I tested this shoe before this video came out.
I can´t agree more.
This shoe is REALLY terrible. Nothing close to the prior version. It´s heavy, it´s VERY stiff for this type of shoe and it isnt any ligher.
I cant understand what Asics is doing.

Віталій Іваницький says:

N-21 – МУСОР. Давайте начнем по порядку. Вспомним о 17 версии, пусть она била не много неуклюжей, но это бил качественный, долговечный и мягкий продукт с плавным перекатом и причем стабильный. Мы все любили Asics из-за мягкости. Но после 18 версии начиная с 19 версии Asics взял и просто убрал мягкость и сделал кроссовки максимально упругими (причем долговечность не стала сильно заметной даже, если она била).Я после этого перестал уважать данный бренд и перешел на Mizuno у которых сейчас есть более достойные модели такие как Mizuno Wave Sky Wave Knit и Mizuno WaveKnit R2. Тот же Sky куда мягче и качественнее в всех смыслах. А R2 более упругий. В Asics Gel Nimbus 21 убрали гель спереди и trusstic. Теперь, это обычные беговые кроссовки c амортизацией, пусть и упругие. И теперь они будут хотеть 12 тысяч рублей за данную модель. Тут нету за что деньги давать. Я любил 17 версию в всех смыслах, но когда я перешел на 19 версию и начал проводить свои длинные дистанции верх кроссовок начал рваться и отклеилась подошва не говоря, о том что они тесные. О амортизации молчу для легкого бегуна она может оказаться не много твердой. Можем поздравить Asics с очередным провальным продуктом в 2019 году. Он идет назад в то время как Mizuno и Brooks идут вперед !

Gregory King says:

Saw it in the store today… it’s as big (and heavy) as the equally disappointing UA Infinite! UA and Asics made great shoes with the Sonic and Dynaflyte… what gives??

george batris says:

Maybe someone with havier bodyweight will feel the benefits.Maybe…

Vulneratus Non Victus says:

I ran with the 19 and 20… I’m now using New Balance Beacon which is far superior! I find ASICS are too heavy and after 150-200km they feel dead….

ShaunaJ says:

Damn thats too much shoe there Jamie..Was your wrist not sore after holding and filming ???

Rio the MadHater says:

Where’s the running girls, Jami?? I come here to see them yes

Thatsin Ch says:

Yo Jamie! Please do the review of Xiaomi running shoes. Many people said its awesome. Looking forward to seeing good review from you.

Sully Mems says:

Flyte foam is very, very, very firm. I don’t care if they offer better longevity. I would rather have a better ride that doesn’t last as long than a bad foam that lasts forever. Flyte foam is a technology attempt that they really should just abandon.

Mike Sears says:

Best. Review. Eva.

Adhani Jauhari says:

i love asics for making dynaflyte series.

MH-370 says:

Easily a 16/20 for ginger runner

Han Lie says:

Agreed with your nimbus 21 review. Btw since you didnt like the shoe, please deconstruct the shoe so we can see the technology inside the nimbus 21. Appreciate if you could do that. Thanks

Ferry Velt says:

“…a waste of time…” you say, whilst speaking 10 minutes about them 😉

Paleotango says:

2 years ago they changed the shape of the nimbus so drastically, a shoe model I had been wearing for almost a decade, that it became un-wearable. toes were packed tight, started getting blisters everywhere. went up a half size, still blisters, up a full size, still blisters. WTF. So I left asics and I now run in brooks, nike, and new balance. sorry asics, you were good, but you messed up.

lazyhusband says:

Hey Asics…do what Hoka did with the Clifton 1…re-release the Nimbus 17!

Paul Dalangpan says:

This is good news because it means the 19 and the 20 are going on sale.

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