ASICS Gel Quantum 360 Review & Initial Impressions

My quick review and initial impressions of the brand new ASICS Gel Quantum 360 running shoes.


Steve Ungeheier says:

Agree with almost everything you said. I also have some Nimbus 17 and New Balance Boracay’s. The ride of these is very nice. The cushioning is soft but not spongy like the Nimbus. I did find these ran a bit narrow in comparison to the Nimbus but that was fine for me as my foot runs a bit narrow. These are a heavier kind of shoe, so more for long distances or people that are accustomed to a bit heavier shoe. The ride is soft but a bit more springy than the Nimbus, and a ton more stable than the Nimbus. I always felt like I was fighting my Nimbus’ but that’s not the case with these. If you are on the fence between the Nimbus and these, buy these. The extra $20-30 is worth it.

MrVoayer says:

Nice and helpful review. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. Happy running!

Lucas Lex says:

Ordered mine today!

NinjaAttacks says:

I just purchased my 22 kayanos, they should arrive Friday. I’ve been using them since the 19’s came out. I see your enjoying the quantum. I believe I like the feeling of stability, and gel comfort however what would you recommend in my case. I like the design of the quantum and the colors rather than the 22’s but I was worried that it was to much of a neutral shoe. You being a common kayano user, would you recommend the quantum to a kayano user?

Megatron says:

are these more of long distance shoes? can these be compared to Adidas Ultra boost uncaged for Sprints use ??? because I really like both of these shoes but I’m not sure.

Zzz Yyy says:

Japanese technology can always be trusted thanks for the review

magenta feelings says:

thank you so much for sharing your thoughts….very helpful.

Cheerscake says:

What’s your impression regarding your over pronation in them? Considering the Kayano provides heavy pronatoin support I wonder whether (despite not having active pronation support) the Quantum provides enough stability for you to run comfortably?

Nancy Parlin says:

For the last 20+years have run outdoor long distance and fast with adizero tempos…been having problems with the #6 prototype and awaiting arrival of the #7’s. going to try the Quantum 360’s…I am genetically slight and light weight, will let everyone know how I fare ….definitely will keep you posted …

KyleBarteeVlogs says:

Would you recommend these for an all around running shoe? (Long distance, short distance, sprints)

Eau Rouge says:

Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts. I had my doubts…I’m gonna give em’ a go now. Cheers!

Roman Faqiri says:

Great review! I just bought nimbus17! They are awesome and have great cushioning

Sully Mems says:

Thinking about picking these up but was wondering about the sizing. I wear between a 9.5 and a 10 in Nike’s and if I ever have issues with them, it’s always with the width, not the length. What size do you recommend?

rygi23 says:

Wouldn’t more gel where it’s not needed as much add unnecessary weight? I’m a beginner but that’s just the thought that came to my mind.

Jerry Kirkwood says:

Great Referee shoe.

Sumatha says:

I got Nimbus 17 and they are very comfortable. I am a sprinter and it gives me a great cushioning and balance during my run. What difference do you see in nimbus 17 and quantum 360 if your a sprinter ? Are Quantum 360 any better than nimbus 17 in terms of cushioning and balance? Thank you.

WAJDIX TV2 says:

can i play volleyball with this ? im proffesionel player /can i really jump high with it?

Mohammad Alqahtani says:

it’s not supposed to be for long runs and for that price point you can get much cheaper shoes for same purpose. I’m considering the Kayanos 22 those seem the real deal for long runs.

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