Asics Gel-Quantum Infinity Performance Review

Hey Guys! Today we have a detailed performance review on the Asics Gel-Quantum Infinity.

Thanks for watching!!!

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Nick Yang says:

Awesome! Mrs. Wing comes in sight!
You two look amazing!

Time2ballup says:

Those 11 people that disliked the video work at Asics.

Dan M says:

If I want an asics shoe like this, I would get a gel quantum 360. Same idea as having full length gel, but done more effectively. They’re made with higher quality and look super aggressive. Also can’t go wrong with a loud colorway of gel-kayanos. I wear them strictly for comfort and aesthetic though, which I doubt most people do with modern high-tech asics.

robert mccormick says:

Cool to see a mrs.wing review

beantwnbeatdwn says:

awesome man. no offense to you but junior is a clone of his mommy. #goodgenes

Ley Tse says:

Mrs. Wing could do more of these!

The Killer Penguin says:

please do more running shoes review! 🙂

Medium Talent says:

Good review on what is obviously a really bad shoe.

Sovereign Hope says:

Nightwings for president and vice president

Fren ziie says:

Can you do a how to get creases out of the Airmax 90s

haefen says:

For heel striking, Hardens vol. 2 destroyed me for a month… Bruised my heel bad, boost didn’t help. But after some thinking i blame it on grippy (outsole traction covered) round heel design, where it doesn’t force the foot to roll forward…

Jamison Michael says:

MAGA? Or nah

roberto armstrong says:

These look siiiiiiiick… 20 seconds P/M slower though?? Thoughts on use for casual wear @nightwing2303

T GM says:

Damn. What a shame. These looked interesting.

Gilgamesh Archer says:

Kobe 10 look alike

girantina32 says:

what company was he talking about?

K Dubs says:

This shoe is not positioned as a daily runner by Asics. The Gel Contend 4 is built as the most basic shoe with a brand name.

Bimadanta Prakosa says:

Thanks for reviewing! Been waiting for 2 months to have this reviewed by running YouTubers. I didn’t expect this to be picked by a basketball channel. Since I’m a heavy runner, I’d still like to try this pair, on a reduced price ofc.

Craft D. Pham says:

Holdddddd up, had to pause at 1:10 to mention the rock on that ring. Has nothing to do with the kicks, but that thing caught my eye a mile away haha. Okay bakc to the video

Albert Teng says:

Is this asics answer to nike’s vapor max?

Craft D. Pham says:

Love this video. The tech specs with Nightwing and inpit from Mrs. Wing. I’m completely with her with the hyped of a newer product from a manufacturer you like and it falls flat.

Brandon Williams says:

Those look comfortable! Love this chanel! Best shoe reviews ever

Edo Beats says:

Great review killing it with this one thank you.

TheRealNoodles says:

Wow you guys cute, nightwing is diversifying, good on you my dude

kucingitem says:

I have it for 2 weeks and What I like about this shoes is that i can use it for walk casually, then can go the gym without changing my shoes.

John Smith says:

Great to see Mrs. Wing doing running sneaker reviews! Asics made the Gel Quantum 180/360 a couple years ago and I was intrigued back then. The gel-heavy implementation is finally taken to the full midsole on this pair. The heavier set up does make people slower in general. Had the fit been better Mrs. Wing might also be able to run for longer, which is intended for this pair. But then the restrictive upper makes little sense because even for a person with narrow feet like myself, a restrictive upper can cause discomfort for longer runs.
One potential positive thing is the overall durability of the midsole, as gel tend to last longer than most foam. Back then I was actually considering buying this pair for my father for walking. He is a heavy guy and walks very fast. The midsoles of his runners usually pack out in a few months. But then considering the hefty price of these more gelly pairs, one might be better off getting two pairs of discounted regular pairs. For example the gel nimbus 20, since the nimbus 21 just came out.

Leudenir Martins says:

Quando será lançado Jk Brasil

Steve Starr says:

Asics….the best shoes of 1998.

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