Asics Gel Resolution 6 Shoe Review

With the Gel Resolution 6, the pinnacle of Asics’ stability tennis line continues to be one of the best tennis shoe options for any serious tennis player. The latest update to the modern classic provides even more stability with a new midfoot support system and external heel counter that completely locks in the foot and resists twisting on aggressive cuts. Comfort is exceptional with a memory foam heel that molds to the foot for a personalized fit and Asics’ signature GEL midsole technology that offers plush cushioning with every step. The high abrasion rubber outsole is built to last on any court surface, and is backed by a six month durability guarantee. With exceptional comfort, support, stability and durability, the Asics Gel Resolution 6 continues to be one of the best all-around performance options available today!


Richard Lee says:

Hi there, I am using Superfeet Orange insole in my Nike Zoom Cage 2, and I am trying to find other shoes that can allow me to put the insole.
I notice that when you put the insole into low profile shoes like Nike vapor or Asics gel speed 2, the ankle collar will not grab the back of my feet well no matter how tight the lace goes.
I heard that Troy and Granville are using some kind of custom-fit insole, can you give me some suggestion? (which shoes to pick or maybe buying a half size larger etc.)
And will this shoes Asics gel resolution 6 allow me to put the insole? (I have concern that these shoes have short ankle collar comparing to Nike Zoom Cage 2)

Bernardo Ascione says:

Is this good for very narrow feet or would u recommend the solution speed 2 for narrow feet

Terry Curve says:

Asics Gel Resolution 6 stealth or Asics Gel Solution speed 2? What shoe is better for use on hard as well as clay court and which has more comfort?

Josh Sapnu says:

Hey @Tennis Warehouse,
I’m a 10 in all Nike tennis shoes, but an 11 in the Adidas Barricade 8+. What size should I get if I want these shoes?

Michael Edghill says:

Gel resolution 4…..where are you

Albatross says:

Nice vids guys. What kind of camera do you use to film the slow motion?

Joe Farah says:

How does it compare to the Nike Zoom Cage 2? I have been using the Gel Res 5 for two years and the only knock I have is that it way too roomy in the forefoot.

Akarsh Reddy says:

can anyone suggest me a clay and synthetic court shoe

Akarsh Reddy says:

Andy tw which is better this or Federer 9.5 flynkit

William Madsen says:

Hi TW 🙂 I wondered if this shoe is big or small in the size and fit?

Clorox Bleach says:

i received mine today and i had to stitch the heel collar in place because of my aggressive sliding. next time, i would recommend all the hard court sliders to put some athletic tape on both shoes in that area for more durability.

Frost5541 @ Talktennis

Henry Dong says:

Would this be good for people with wide feet?

Johan Melander says:

Has any of you guys had problems with the “inside” (lining??) on the Asics shoes?? I absolutely love them but the inside of especially the heal gets ruined after two-three months of playing and they become unwearable….

Jader Sant'Ana says:

Did you guys ever tried the ascis clay versions? What would be the greatest difference from these custom ones to the clay versions, when playing on clay, of course?

FAN ETS says:

The Adidas Feather 3, are they a good shoes ?
PS: sorry for my english. I’m french ^^

WinX says:

I’m a fan of Adidas Tennis Shoes but I’m really interested to try the Gel Resolution 6, is it true to size? Like should I just follow the same sizing I have with Adidas? Thanks!

ductrung3993 says:

I’m currently wearing the GR4, how does this one stacks up?

OrganicHealer says:

answer me this TW staff.
The resolution 5 weighs 15.5 oz & got a score in weight of 4.4. The resolution 6 weighs 15.2 oz and got a lower score of 3.9.  How is that possible?

Ravi 88 says:

Hey TW, out of this shoe or the 2016 Barricades which has better protection on the medial side of the uppers, so if you slide and drag your trailing foot which shoe would last longer on the uppers.If you had any help I would really appreciate it.

OldRacket says:

The Babolat ProPulse 4 fits me very well.  Would the Asics 5 or 6 fit well?

Fabio Cortesi says:

Dear TW team,
first of all thank you for this very helpful review. I normally love asics running shoes, and I decided to order the GR6 for my tennis activities; however, in spite of ordering my usual size and trying several knots my heel kept slipping out even when just walking. It was so bad that i had to return the shoes. It was a pity, as I really loved the cushioning and the stability.
What would you recommend as an alternative? for me the most important are stability and support, as I pronate very heavily…. I was thinking about the Barricade 2015 and the Lunar Ballistic, would they be a good option?
Thanks a lot!!

SquidChipProductions says:

I play in the barricade 8 right now and i love everything besides the cushioning. The shoe is great but it just kills my mid foot. So could this be a potential substitute? If not can you suggest one that would be? Thanks, Kevin.

Allan Yang says:

was this shot in november? that beard…

TheBatfan10 says:

Also do these run true to size?

lomna17 says:

With all things considering, these seem rather similar to the new barricades. How do they stack up with one another and what makes them really different? Thanks TW

JorgeAndresCoppiano. says:

Hi guys! When do you think the Resolution 7 may come out? Thanks!

Andrew Lai says:

Can you use this for badminton?,i accidentally bought this a week ago and im kinda worried

Zac Brettler says:

@Tenniswarehouse are these light

Trey Hale says:

Hey can you give me a size recommendation for these?
I’m coming from lunar ballistec 1.5s and vapor 9.5s both in size 12. the 1.5s fit just about perfect, as do the vapors (at first I nearly went up to 12.5 on them though). Looked like some reviews online said the gr6 runs small so I wanted to see if maybe I should go down to an 11.5?


Manil Gianchandani says:

hi +Tennis Warehouse how does this show compare to the asics gel solution speed 2 in terms of all around performance?? whick one is better?

Michael Delgado says:

Quick question what racket was Chris using?

Ravi 88 says:

ok thanks

Olli Banjo says:

is the review about the clay version ?

TheBatfan10 says:

What raquet are you using Andy?

Samuel Spitz says:

I ordered a pair of these, however even with a runner’s knot they slid in the heel. The rest of the shoe fit fairly snugly though. I have mostly used Nike shoes, first the vapors, then the air cage, then lunar’s and they fit pretty well but after a while the insole stretches too much and the outsole wears out within 2 months or so. I know they have durability warrantees, but I would like to find a shoe that wears slower in the first place. I just ordered another pair of lunar 1.5 from you guys, but do you have any other recommendations for me to try after that?

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