Asics Gel Resolution 7 Men’s Shoe Review

With a couple of subtle updates, the Gel Resolution 7 is another step forward for one of the most popular tennis shoes amongst elite and club players alike. A new upper design incorporates a TPU wrap across the entire forefoot to help lock in the foot and provide the highest level of support and stability. Asics has also lowered the external heel counter in the back of the shoe to address fit issues some people had in previous versions. What continues to set this performance shoe apart from the rest though is it’s all-around performance – along with exceptional support, stability and durability you’re also getting a shoe that’s sublimely comfortable, well-cushioned and fast-feeling. On top of it all, the shoe is backed by a six month outsole durability guarantee! Players looking for a premium tennis shoe that gives them everything they need and then some can continue to wear the Gel Resolution with confidence!


王键 says:

Chris的T shirt 不错,吃饭 睡觉 打网球

Arjun Rajaram says:

Does this shoe have heel slippage or oes it run true to size?

Aaron Santos says:

is the traction level of this shoes the same to the 6th gen or is it improved? cos i want to do some slides around the court

Christian Morales says:

I play tennis most of the week and I also coach. What shoe would be best? The gel resolution 6 or 7?

Arend Pretorius says:

Hello TW

How does the six month outsole durability guarantee works? Is the sizes of the resolution 6 the same has the 7?

Oliver Chonoles says:

Hi TW,

Can you compare these to the adidas ubersonic 2? Also, do you think having a high one hand back hand follow through like gasquet is better than having a lower follow through like wawrinka? Thanks!

Joe DeSimone says:

The Gel Resolution 6 was offered one color combination in a wide size (blue/white). Is Asics making the Gel Rez 7 style in a wide model as well? Thank in advance if you can answer the question.

FAZLA 2016 says:

Hi Andy, which type of string will give me the maximum power in my shots? I use BURN FST 95.
I love to hit big flat forehands. And if you could suggest some strings also. Thanks

Adrià Cot Porta says:

Hi! Any idea of when the new Barricades will be released? Also, I would like to know if you are already testing them. Thanks a lot!

Vortex Designs says:

You guys should make a video on babolat rpm blast vs yonex poly tour spin blue

LroyJenkns says:

Hey TW,
This is a bit unrelated but on other tennis retailer sites they show a new asics tennis shoe called the “gel court ff.” I was interested in them because they seem to have that same unibody sock liner that the ubersonic 2s have. I was just wondering if you guys knew anything about those shoes and when you’ll have a review up for them. Thanks

Parth Thakare says:

will you please tell me how it shipped to India email me at

Vortex Designs says:

What tension should I string the Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution 17 (1.25) on the babolat pure aero plus and the Wilson six one team 100 thanks Andy, won’t bother you any more!

manchusabre says:

How is fit for wider type foot? Did Jason try them? The res6 fits good, wonder about 7s with new upper. New upper in speed 3 was tighter than 2.

MrFirstSeed says:

anyone during the playtest notice a deeper heel cup.? is the heel locked in better then the previous. GR6?

Gavla Tennis says:

Whats the orange/black racquet Chris is using around 2:04?

saigonbond says:

How about making some widths for those of us without ballerina feet sheezsh!!!

Koby Bonta says:

What raquet is Chris using?

LT Productions says:

Hey guys love your videos. I would like to ask a question. I am looking to get a new racket and I want one to give me the maximum amount of power that also gives me some good control. Also what string and tension will go with that racket. Thank you:)

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