ASICS GEL Technology Video


Lucians says:

hurts only when looking

Lyrae Smith says:

what’s the shoe in the video the one the man is wearing

Joel Everett says:

Why in running shoe commercials; the athletes heel strike like they are kicking the concrete?

Stevo Canuck says:

what the fuck kind of running was that first girl doing tf

Ё МАЁ says:

Эта пробежка на пятку, самих рабочих с фабрики, их заставили бежать, что бы не нанимать профессионалов.

mohammed shoeb says:

I have the kayano 23
Its very well cushioned and alsos gives excellent response

Marc Carney says:

First thing I noticed too was the heels. I’ve just bought a pair of Asics, but having second thoughts now if they’re designed for that…

mundocane1985 says:

Por fin entendí que Asics me obliga a aterrizar con el talón.Despues de tanta controversia sobre si debería hacerlo con cola parte media exterior.Puedo morir en paz baja.

Web crawler says:

Humans are made for long distance running. I don’t think 2.8 million years of evolution is wrong and Asics gel technology just fixed it with some jizz is the sole

Trevor Scheving says:

That slow motion heal strike made me cringe so hard

Eddard Snark says:

This all looks and sounds nice, but when you pull apart a pair of asics and see how little gel is actually used, it definitely causes some doubts to creep into your mind… Then you start to realize it’s mostly flashy marketing.


Looks like these runners will suffer from heel related injuries soon,… that heel strike,…hahaha..

ouzomitsos says:

Quality of Asics Gel has declined. Sad to say i do not purchase #Asics as the last few pairs have lasted half the usual life #expensive #nasty #shoes

John Wilkerson says:

I wear Asics Gel shoes for work, which entails long hours standing and walking on concrete floors. Also have plantar fascitis, and these are one of only four shoes recommended by the American Podiatrist Association for that issue. Couldn’t get by without mine, but I don’t run in them

amin rahman says:

Whoaaa, i’m a bit scared to look at this clips as they are exaggerating on heel strike running. that overacting heelstrike running hurts my ankle when looking of it… no need to exaggerate what you wanna empahsis… imho

Arakash says:

They run like idiots WTF ASICS?

yoel striker says:

aprendan a correr primero ,malisimo como lo hacen por Dios

timber_beast says:

Wow that hurts just looking at it. PLEASE STOP RUNNING LIKE THAT. I run 25-30 km/wk on Cumulus 19’s and they are the best shoes I’ve had yet.

sunghoahn says:

아식스 젤은 페이크죠 허접한 거 달랑 얄량한 얍삽하게 작은거 넣어놓고 사기치는

Simon Rhodes says:

what…just what!

Che Bur says:

Worst running technique ever.

Megha Sahu says:

none of the professional runners run by landing their heel first. bad advertisement strategy.

THチャーヌ says:

bad advertisement ever

N. Desta says:

the heel striking…

ME MAN says:

so its bad for the knee?

John Hooper says:

You all ruine your knees!!

D R says:

are they promoting heel strike here?

Bakir Muhiibi says:

Best part 1:17. Youd welcome.pussy slip

krishna katikitala says:

Never ever run like this

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