Asics Lift Master Lite Review – Asics Weightlifting Shoes!

Surprising to say the least! Asics is on a roll with the shoe game. I really liked the Met-Convicition and now I really like their Lift Master Lite’s. They really need to figure out how to name shoes but otherwise, the LML’s work exceptionally well for a “budget” pair of weightlifting shoes. The heel height is 17.5mm/.75″, which is what you’ll find on most weightlifting shoes out there. TPU heel means you won’t have to worry about power delivery. The flexibility is where the LML’s shine, being a “hybrid” shoe, they’re much more flexible than standard oly shoes are. You can find these shoes as cheap as $100, and for that price the shoes are excellent. They’re like a more comfortable pair of Romaleos!



thetrynix says:

Great review, thank you! How does the shoe compare to the Adipower? (pros/cons). During a complete workout, is it possible to do calf exercises (like standing/seated raises) using these shoes vs adipowers?

Marco Lombard says:

What do you think about the reebok lifter plus 2.0. I can get them for about 70 dollars

Marco Lombard says:

Thanx for your reply. In Namibia where I live it’s realy hard to get shoes like this, but the owner of our box had a brand new pair that he ordered that he sold to me. Can’t wait to try them out

Ramon Suarez says:

I have narrow feet and I sometimes have problems with heel slippage. Do you think it’s worth it for me to order these shoes online, or are the more expensive Adidas shoes my only narrow option?

Ernesto Ayala WOD says:

I just got a pair of Nike romaleos 2,

szymon kononowicz says:

im looking for good shoes for lift and Kettlebell treining – do You think those asics will be good for KB?

Thiago Ruvolo says:

Awesome review! Im in doubt, I want weightlifting shoes and I don’t know what to get. I really like these asics but which ones do you think is a better shoe. Asics, adipower or romaleos 2? Thanks

Ahmad Isaacs says:

Hey, Would you reccomend these for someone doing general weightroom exercises? I don’t do much oly Weightlifting things but I’m looking for something better than the nike free 5.0 I’m wearing atm. Also been looking into crossfit shoes

Mizuno Socks says:

How do you like these compared to the fastlift 325?

GainzonGainz says:

so ive noticed that the asics wrestling shoes are a little tight i have a size 10.5 feet and the wrestling shoes sometimes give me toe cramps i usually lift in chucks and theyre 10.5 as well and they fit fine i was wondering if i should go for 11 or 10.5 for the lifters lite

Victor Andres Ortiz says:

Hey nobull improved their trainer.

Sergio Maldonado says:

were you able to score a pair of the Nobull lifters?

Amazing.Amy says:

Awesome review! Thanks! 🙂

Gabe Swaba says:

love the reviews bro! keep it up!

Kaix Tran says:

Hey Joel, I’ve been watching your shoes reviews and find them very useful. I’m genuinely curious and would like to ask you for some recommendations:

I do Oly weightlifting, bought the FastLift 335 as my 1st weightlifting shoes & I recently inserted a 0.5″ heel lift inside the shoes which drastically improved my form and comfort when lifting. My favorite thing about the 335 is its flat & flexible sole, as I like to stomp my feet against the floor whenever I execute the Power Snatch or Power Jerk and the shoes produce very “fresh” sound (unlike when I stomp with any other pair of sport or casual shoes)

Sooo, what I would like to know is your comparison between FastLift335 & the Asics LML when it comes to heel height, sole flexibility, stability, whether the Asics LML have extra space inside for a heel lift and whether I would be able to generate the same fresh-ass sound with the Asics LML when I Power Snatch or Power Jerk or not. So far I really like the LML, but I’m concerned the “2 Xs” on the sole would interfere with my landing.

Thanks !!!

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