Asics Nimbus 20 Review (2017)

Asics Nimbus 20 Review , good running shoe for marathon and long distance running . Neutral version of Kayano 24 review of new shoes coming soon.

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Mens size 9: 10.7oz Womens Size 7: 8.8oz
Mens :10mm Drop Womens: 13mm Drop


Kip Count says:

If you dig the Nimbus, you should get a hold of the 361 Spire (Spire 2 is out now). One of my local shops started stocking the Spire after Asics ruined the sizing in the Nimbus 19 and it’s been a big success for them. I’ve got one and I really dig it. Roomy toebox, great lock down, great cushion but can go fast without too much effort.

Boost4Life says:

What city is this? Seems nice but unfamiliar to me

Kip Count says:

What’s the sizing like on the N20? On the 19, I needed to go up to an 11 where I’m normally a 10.5 in every other running shoe. Did they address the smaller cut issue on the 20 that the 19 had?

SYA Playz says:

Over the years,Has gel changed? because im seeling the fluidride gel these days compared to my asics and gel lytes which have a somewhat soft sole.

Lenore Lee says:

thanks for your review, man! Any interst in reviewing our brand sneakers?

Ray Finkle says:

She lands on her heels too much.

Andrew Clement says:

Can’t wait, the 19 was such a disappointment.

Jeng Quan says:

Pegasus 34 or this

Shoe Science Cleaning says:

Thanks so much

Tasman Wire says:


Robinson Mertilus says:

Hey, do you review minimalist shoes? I just discovered your channel and have seen a few videos, although not all. There doesn’t seem to be minimalist shoes. I wore Vibrams for a long time, now I wear Merrill Vapor glove 2’s (these have vibram soles, but are not toe shoes). Great channel by the way.

RabidRunner says:

Hey Jami! Really enjoying these reviews! Question for you: In your opinion did you feel that the Nike zoom fly did help you to run faster? I am debating asking for it for Christmas but am not sure whether it is a gimmick or actually works.

James Ambrocio says:

Ayy! You already have your own merch? Nice!

Jamison Michael says:

Do you guys prefer not having the “red,yellow, blue” graphic that tells you the pros/cons? Some said it was distracting so I wanted to try to see what you guys thought with it gone?

Also there’s no deep voice at the end of the “jamison Approved” stamp. Let me know what you guys like…

1235 efhhhyv says:

At first i was liek why are the legs in the thumbnail white!
Good video thos

Thitsa says:

i read on a review that lacing system is not working that true?

He'sGotHype says:

Team early go sub to my channel I’m gonna start uploading more often!! (Sorry for the shameless plug”

ee hang Lai says:

pls review some cheap running shoes from big brands

Rover Lenza says:

great review man!!!:-D

Matthew Mah says:


Jamison Michael says:

I really do appreciate you guys watching the videos and commenting…even if most of it ends up just being nonsense. lol Hope Everyone had a Safe Thanksgiving/Fall break. If you NEW go ahead and hit that SUBSCRIBE button, i’ll give you a virtual hug.

Nick F says:

I just found out that the heel-to-toe offset for the women’s is 13 mm and 10 mm for men’s!! That is way to high!!!! Who else agrees????

Nick F says:

Something tells me Amanda would do a lot better in a shoe like the Kayano or 2000’s.

Luke Kotz says:

Just bought a pair of Pegasus 34s, your review was right, I really like them so far, thanks man

Aaron Kok says:

Hi, I really love your reviews!! Can you do a review on Nike Flyknit Racers? 🙂

Hanif Shaari says:

Hey Jamison,i’m buying one asics shoes for running but idk which one I need gel kayano or gel nimbus?Anyway great review!

Mahnoor Raza says:

Someone please help! I really like the Gel nimbus 19&20 (Women). I have a neutral but a wide foot, i liked everything about this shoe except that i read a lot of criticism pointing to the fact that this shoe has a narrow toe box, can someone please suggest a good Asics Running shoe (long distance), durable, for a neutral and wide foot, I also looked up Gel Kayano 24 and GT 2000
Would appreciate any help. I’m ordering this online so i can’t take any risks.

Vicente M G says:

Is heel striking bad

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