ASICS RoadHawk FF Performance Review

The ASICS RoadHawk FF running shoe gets two thumbs up from us. Finally, a shoe from ASICS we can rally behind. This is a super versatile trainer at a bargain price!

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Pumpking says:

Asics roadhawk or nike pegasus 34 for long runs?

Tyler Tyler says:

The bottom rubber looks similar to the rubber on the Pegasus 34

Kevin Gallagher says:

I just bought the road Hawk based on this review. I haven’t run in them yet but thanks for the review. I got them as a steal to for £65

keith white says:

Love the shoe. Great review. Also, you look a little like Lance Armstrong.

Marcelo Campos says:

Between this, nike’s Elite 9 and Zante.. which one would you choose?

Brian Keenan says:

what show does the roadhawk’s cushioning best compare too?

dru812002 says:

Thank you for the review!

Guy Smith says:

Asics has really stepped up their game. I liked the 33FA from a few years back, but they were still on the heavy side. I’ll give these a whirl. Great review!

Fabio Jesus says:

what’s the big difference between roadhawk ff and dynaflite 2?

Dennis Mocheniat says:

Hi, on some reviews they say it makes noise when you land on forefoot. I run in Nike Pegasus 34 size 10 and I felt a little tight at first but then it molds to my foot pretty well. Should I go with size 10 on these? I am hoping to get something like Pegasus but maybe a little flatter for the treadmill and occasional gym workouts. Asics DynaFlyte2 is probably closest to Pegasus but these seem that they could give you a feeling of a faster shoe.

Steven Moniaga says:

would this have more durability than the pegasus 34? stumbling to get between these two

Smarticus13745 says:

This or Zante v3?

Ben McDonald says:

What shoe is the best for a fast tempo and race shoe for pavement or light trail for fast 4-10km runs. I have saucony ride 10 for my longer daily runs and I was looking for a fast shoe to accompany it? Thanks

Joel Weiss says:

I like the fact that you didn’t find something negative to say, just to say it. Going to try out these shoes – thanks for the review. I subscribed to your channel and FB. Best, Joel

Philip Graves says:

How does this shoe compare to the Zante?

Jamie Cunningham says:

I’m looking for a faster shoe than the Hoka clifton I run in ATM . Would u recommend the Roadhawk ? I have the tracer but it is abit firm for longer runs for myself .

Peter Grams says:

I was thinking about getting a pair of kinvaras for my first lighter weight road shoe (currently run glycerine 14 road/peregrine 7 trail)

How does this stand up to the kinvaras, and would you recommend one over the other?

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