Asics TOW 727 Weightlifting Shoe Review w/ Comparisons

SORRY THIS VIDEO IS SUPER LONG. I just wanted to make sure I got everything in, because I don’t think there are many videos out there on this shoe.

I’m not sure this is the same seller I purchased from, but you can buy them here:


tanner anderson says:

Should do asics vs Eastwoods

Yusof Sarangani says:

can you help me get the size correctly? What size do you go for your Metcon 2 or Metcon3, if you will?

Vlad C says:

$225? damn. seems like too much

Kevin L says:

looks like bowling shoes haha!

They Live We Sleep says:

those aren’t shoes, those are leather slippers with a block of wood glued to them

thelongslowgoodbye says:

Can you do a review on Do-Win weightlifting shoes?

Josh Boone says:

Hey, now that you have tried pretty much all the lifters around can you do a massive comparison of maybe the top 5? I appreciated when you compared the asics to multiple shoes

Aidil Idris says:

Hi, could you do a video on the risto weightlifting shoes? Thanks 🙂

Vlad C says:

cool video. subscribed.

By'tl Solomon says:

that t shirt dope

John Mitchell says:

Did they stretch out at all for you since they are an all leather shoe and would you size down a half size?

thelongslowgoodbye says:

Hmm… they only make them up to US10 and my feet are US12. Without getting a custom order and spending possibly double the regular price of 727, would the Position Lifters be a good substitute for the ASICS 727?

888Daniiii says:

hey bro ! i hope you’re well ☺ past or current models , which weightlifting shoe would you say is closest to be classified as the holy grail of weightlifting shoes?

Aaron Walker says:

i picked up some used adidas adistar 2008 weightlifting shoes for $21 here in New Zealand from a local seller they just needed a clean and they were like brand new defiantly got lucky there

They Live We Sleep says:

hey man can you get your hands on adidas adistar ’08 and compare them to this asics shoe, the battle of two most classic weightlifting shoes

Yusof Sarangani says:

It’s not the best WOD shoes, that I believe. But for as olympic lifter-wanna be, this IS the holy grail. LOL!

Randy Khieu says:

Love you videos. Love watching them esptthr video on the Antas. Wanted to know if you had to choose one pair to use only and for strictly lifting which shoe would choose?

tomas tsega says:

Will you do a video on the 2008 adistars?

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