Best Running Shoes 2018 – Top Rated Long Distance, Neutral, Stability, Budget & More

➡ Brooks Ghost 10:
➡ ASICS Gel-Kayano 24:

➡ Brooks Levitate:

➡ Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34:

➡ Nike LunarEpic Low FlyKnit 2:

➡ New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3:

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Best Running Shoes 2018 – Top Rated Long Distance, Neutral, Stability, Budget & More. In this video, we cover the best long distance running shoes, best neutral running shoes and best stability running shoes. We also cover the best budget running shoes and best running shoes for overpronation. We discuss the best Brooks running shoes, best Nike running shoes and best ASICS running shoes. Some of the shoes on this list include the Brooks Ghost 10, ASICS Gel-Kayano 24 and Brooks Levitate. Also included is the Nike LunarEpic Low FlyKnit 2 and New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3. Hope you enjoyed this top rated running shoes video.

Top 6 Best Running Shoes (Early 2017):

Brooks Ghost 10 Review:

ASICS Gel-Kayano 24 Review:

Brooks Levitate Review:

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Review:

Nike LunarEpic Low FlyKnit 2 Review:

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3 Review:

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Jay Gilman says:

Hey Jeff what shoes would you recommend for half marathon training? I run pretty normal and neutral. I have a some ultra boosts for the gym/everyday use but I wasn’t sure if theres anything better out there

Gro Skunk says:

New Balance 990v4 would be a good review, I’ve been looking into getting some but kinda hoping for your opinion.

Stefan Griffin says:

The New Balance 1260v7 is just stupidly comfortable on the stability category!

luis diego sancho says:

And the SALMINGs?

Dalton Brindle says:

I need a shoe that will keep my feet from hurting when I run, my run test is a 1.5 mile for speed but my run training includes both speed intervals and longer distances from 3-10 miles. My stamina Is good I could run faster longer if it weren’t for my feet killing me. Which shoe would you recommend for a neutral foot runner? Thanks!

Akshay Chitre says:

pls review the ultra boost atr

Ellaina Leigh says:

I have to say I’m not a huge fan of Nike. That’s my opinion, so all of you haters keep clear.

plutogarry7 says:

Review of best running shoes with arch support? I don’t want plantar fasciitis

PlatinumSubscriber says:

Under Armour bandit-gemini or puma ignite?

Shadi Gif says:

rizknows open your ears jackass!

dj lu says:

I’ve had a lot of Nike running shoes in the past ranging from $100-$200. Honestly, my $40 Asics running shoes are 10 times more comfortable than any of those Nikes. When it comes to running, I avoid Nike shoes now. I stick with Asics, Mizuno, and New Balance. I feel like those brands are more specialized in running.

Stefan Johansson says:

Using cushioning is like drinking Gatorade while you exercising, you get used to it. The effect will be gone in a short while, what have you gained?

restijar azaruag says:

Traducción please Spain

GullibleBunny says:

You talk to us like we’re friggin babies

miss missmusic says:

Hi, new subbie, was wondering are you able to list of some running and/or walking shoes (from any year not just 2018) that are good for people with flat feet/ low arch / those who overpronate?

I didn’t realize that was what I had till I went to a sports shop. I can’t remember the name, but, the shoes they recommend were almost £200 :/ way beyond my budget. I’ve recently bought insoles which also help, & I’m planning on doing exercise which help strengthen my legs & core, but it would be nice to have option for when I’m doing cardio.

JBE says:

All lists without any Mizuno on them are just hearsay or allegation to running. hhhhhhh

snakey973 says:

This list is TERRIBLE lol!!

James Dumont says:

Yes…I am a triathlete…and runner…

faSD says:

Where are the energy boosts or the supernovas from adidas? I used both for cross country and they were great

Adam Baggett says:

No mizunos?? The wave prophecy line up is the truth!

chaba49 says:

Nike lunar when they get wet the shrink big time plus the cushioning sucks on them

Satisfaction says:

Nike shoes are made for fashion only..dont buy them for physical activities

No B.S. says:

What are the cheapest and efficient running shoes with good cushioning for a marathon runner?

Shukla Patela says:

@ RIZKNOWS , Frankly Speaking , Your Review is Totally Utterly Bullshit. Where is ADIDAS. why did not you compare any shoe with ADIDAS like Alpha Bounce and Ultra Boost. The Video clearly seems like you are getting paid by the Brooks. There is nothing wrong in getting paid, everyone needs money for living But atleast you need to consider ADIDAS .

Isa Ansori says:

Please review the all new asics gel kenun!

Ho Yiu Cheng says:

Ghost 10 is definitely good. But I don’t think Levitate is a Speed Shoe, rather it is a easy long run comfort shoe… And Adidas, Adios or Boston Boost >>> Ultra Boost.

Frederick Richard says:

I like the nike Downshifter 7s.

Jacopo Carboncini says:

No Adidas? F Y

satyan sharma says:

Thanks for sharing the video. Is Salomon XA PRO 3D GTX good for road running?

Giovanbattista Fichera says:

This guy made a video about 2018’s best running shoes in October 2017. This alone should tell you that this shit is just some fucking promo video. Best advice I can give you: go to a shop and try a few. Try all of them on if you have to. Fuck these corporate bitches trying to pass themselves as pros. I for one tried the Ghost 10 to see what all the hype was about and DAMN was I disappointed!

Jesus Malacon says:

Hi! I have the kayanos 20-23-24, and they al feel whay to confy, I loose to much energy on each step, I weigh 195lb so eficiency is very important. My favorite running shoes are the asics gel surveyour but they are discontinued, what option do you think would be good for me? Thank you for your time!! very helpfull info

taucan62 says:

Don’t like any of them. The folly of checking out “the best” of anything.

J Liebs says:

very very suspect -no Adidas ultra boost   …from best to no mention? you guys are better than this

Abdul Vahid says:


Helen Scott says:

I had the Nike zoom pegasus 33 for cross country and indoor track and my treads were so worn and I love the shoes but I’ trying out the 34s for outdoor track but I hear the break-in period is long but they are great shoes overall

Sharim Saquib says:

Why don’t you use puma it’s awesome are mention puma

ChristmasEveUnicorn says:

Do you know what the best long distance running shoes are for women and they help you not roll inward.

Gabriel Park says:

Ultra Boosts???

Camo Turtle18 says:

Ultraboost’s are great still.

H Shahrizal says:

hmm weird.. so far Adidas never fail me.. It’s comfort, performance & durability is awesome. I don’t need a fancy looking shoes that suck & not durable like Nike.. Adidas is by the way, engineered sport shoes. (Im not working for Adidas)

Kh De Jow says:

Why no adidas?

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