How does GEL feel on feet? || ASICS Hyper-GEL Kenzen Review and On Feet

Coming from a brand that not a lot of people immediately think of when buying sneakers, I’ve purchased a pair from this company for an in-depth look at their latest silhouette. With the help of Steve Aoki to run the campaign of this shoe, ASICS have created a street-ready silhouette with lightweight, comfort, and breathability in mind. Boasting their new Hyper-GEL technology, today, I have the new ASICS Hyper-GEL Kenzen here for a review.

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jetsamy500 dude says:

Kool i think it could be better for the sizing

FACE4910 says:

I want these NOW…the black colorway…

I'm So Hoodie says:

Are you Sean Go?

Leo Grenier says:

Keep it up!!!

sheek1982 says:

The only way you can tell the difference between these shoes, is by the branding. They all look the damn same!

Misha says:

Seen your post on r/sneakers

Jose Eduardo Ortañez says:

Its 5:00am in my area and I have not slept yet but who gives a shit I need to watch an s2doubleu video

And also






dickson mo says:

Hyper-GEL vs React

Patrick Huertas says:

Fun Fact: ASICS is actually an acronym that stands for “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”, a sound mind in a sound body. Which is very true for their brand.

I’m glad to see Asics get some love! I recommend the GT-3000 5, specifically the 2E width option for wide feet. If you think boost feels great, this shoe makes you want to run a marathon simply by putting them on 🙂

Alejandro de Leon says:

Love Asics, been using just that brand for the last 8 years and I have no complains. Nice video

Leo Jon Imutan says:

Asics GLIIIs and GLVs have some of the most fire collabs of all time. Their GR pairs also have great quality suede and materials on them and are usually discounted half off on their site. I probably own more Asics than any other shoe in my collection and they usually get compliments over Yeezys or any hyped Nike/Adidas of mine. Usually it’s the GRs too and people are happier to know they can easily cop em for themselves at affordable prices. I got into Asics by the Discovery Channel segment on Gel tech and how shock absorbent it is just blew my mind. I got the HyperGel Kenzens the moment Footlocker had the preorders up and the feel is amazing. It really is a more stable version of Boost (same eTPU material) but the Gel beads infused really make the difference as Gel is known for (With the help of that thick insole Asics uses on pretty much all their shoes). It’s not meant to bounce at all or give that “Energy Return”. It’s a solid feel but usually I can wear a pair of GLVs walking all day and my feet don’t feel any fatigue. I tend to wear them more than other shoes in my collection since I see a sea of Nike and Adidas everywhere. I know they’re real big in Japan streetwear though.

Saint Pablo says:

Great vid.

BennyPaddyCake says:

Yo, you should check out gel lite 5s.

SYA Playz says:

Not the first company to jump in the etpu train

J.G says:

Tbh this shoes look like shit

Priscilla Carrillo says:

Just purchased mine & I am ready to test these out

Ben Donaldson says:

Yo, can you do a face reveal/name explanation?

Kobe Lebron says:

Asics make the best running shoes

Abraham Cruz says:

The classic hey guys s2doubleu here always hypes me up

White Mail Privilege says:

1:19 You have a way with your toes! Wow!

Abbie DeLoof says:

Digging it

NicolasMP says:

Puma jamming next pls

Daniel Buda says:

These would be perfect with a black heel counter imo.

ayobooka says:

im feeling the laceless silhouette!

Rohit Joshi says:

I feel like they look good but they played the design a little safe. It’s bright but don’t like the pattern so much.

Uchiha Sasuke says:

By the way the left Kanji actually stands for Heart.

InfamousJayZ says:

ASICS is personally my favorite brand just because I like the way they feel but brooks and adidas are up there too.

chair says:

Hey nice stuff

Jim W says:

Why the fuck does the midsole look like pepperjack cheese?

Shan G.K.P says:

Great review as always.

AUDI BOB says:

Do Puma Suede Ignite

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