How to choose the correct running shoe size | ASICS

Choosing the right shoe size is important no matter what level of runner you are. Here you can find some tips on how to measure your feet at home and choose the size that fits you best.

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shoot fire outta ma eyes says:

That guy just put marker all over your socks wtf

Larry Jones says:

1.5 cm =0.59 in.

selai morin says:

i just add 0,5 cm.

Conor McGregor Official says:


Mr. Vaibhav says:

Do u know what?? M very happy to see this video cuz I was very confused on which size to pick for me. THANKS MATT

muzikmon2267 says:

Is there a so-called break in. Which shoes so they stretch out a little bit

HeyIt'sMeEmily says:

Hey I do figure and im an aerialist I just wondered what type of asics should I get like what style. I need it for training, gym and off ice.

Stefan Cvetkovic says:

I bought asics gel nimbus 19 (27.5 cm). The length of my right foot is 26.4 cm, and the left 26.5 cm. Do you think it’s okay? I have space in my fingers, and when the sneakers are not tied, the heel comes out of the sneakers while walking.

Loading Please wait says:

Love the vid. What a great actor

Kiran Patel says:

Asics is best shoes

Robert Saladino says:

Or you can just try on the shoes…

ArAlbeRt says:

Love that actor

AR EN says:

wtf7 how he run in 11.5 shoes? I cant run in 10 size with 27.5cm foot. they are very big

David T says:

haha this guide says i’m a size 14 after adding 1.5cm on to my foot-size! haha!!
Size TWELVE is too big on me! WTF???

Qira'at says:

how do you measseure how wide your feet are?

hellochriis says:

So you measured a 43.5 EU foot size and recommend a 46 EU shoe size? That feels a bit off!

hoang Nguyen says:

Is this for leather shoes?

Loading Please wait says:

I appreciate how ASICS cares for their consumers

tegg02 says:

The adding of random units like 1.5 cm or the old chestnut of a thumbs width is totally idiotic. If you foot measures 27.5 then you should be wearing 27.5. It will match your foot exactly. Wearing to big a shoe is as bad as to small.

8Ball says:

The plus 1.5cm is for ASICS’ size guide only, as other guides have it built in.

Jeff Flowers says:

adding a 1.5cm seems very excessive. Going by US sizing, that takes it from 8.5 to 10.5, a full two sizes up, when conventional wisdom says to go up .5 size. I find this somewhat humorous anyway because .5 size up is literally 1/8 of an inch. I challenge anyone to put on two shoes of different sizes and tell me which is bigger. Going up two full sizes is 1/2 inch. Not to mention, the size of a shoe should already account for the exact measurement of your foot. If you measure US 12 on a Brannock device, buying a size 12 shoe has or should have that factored in. Also, i’m sorry to say you have a quality control issue Asics. A size 12 in one model doesnt’ mean size 12 in another model, or even the same model the next year. A US 12 in Kayano 22 gives me almost too much room, whereas a US12 in the Nimbus 19 is too small. Hard to believe you can’t keep consistency in your manufacturing process.


подарите мне asics gel lyte. мечтаю о них

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