Parkour Shoe Review – Asics GT II

Parkour test and review of the Asics GT II Shoes.

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Mini Matt says:

do they do them in like 2s cos i’m 11 and got really small feet

BadassMOfoe GAmen27 says:

Ronnie!Keep the beard that long.

Bôøykaà says:

ronnie try the kalenji shoes

Travel lifestyle says:

i saw you on a toyota commercial

Christopher McCann says:

The great thing about ASICS is that the technology in their shoes shows great quality and specializes each shoe for different purposes

Now ASICS doesn’t make a lot of minimalist shoes because they focus more on protecting the feet than the more natural ride. I would recommend the Onistuka Tiger Ultimate 81 as a somewhat training shoe if you want a street minimalist trainer and the FuzeX for performance and support. (Both shoes are ASICS)

William Dalér says:

Could you plz try out adidas essential star 2.0, from what I`ve heard they should be pretty great parkour shoes 😉

Kryptic says:

7:47 for more parkour clips thank me later

darkdancerman says:

I need a good pair of Running Shoes but that are also good for Parkour? Anyone have any recommendations?

ZyNc says:

I came from RomanAtWood xD

kain torres says:

he deserves much more subscribers


can you do a review on the Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 please

Seth Kennington says:

Please do a review on the tempest nls-1’s

Aj Parker says:

What do you think about the KO gen 3s?

Kylan Roy says:

Hey Ronnie, are these shoes available in India?

Mike says:

I really like the Adidas Essential Star 2.0’s!

pol 11 says:

Make a review on the Addidas Dragons. I have used three pairs in a row and they are extremely comfortable but have more padding, I would like to know what you think about them

hggkk j_l_j says:

Does someone have tips for shoes that is easy to use if you have special soles that supports your feet not to
weigh inwards?

walt Price says:


pamela bruce says:

What show size do you wear? I wear a size 10.5!

MM9parkour 123 says:

Try the “under armor bandit 2”

minecraft man says:


Noah Hartsough says:

I have liked pumas lately, and Ollos! But I like shoes called puma ligas because they are very good all around shoes

Nicholas Heranson says:

Hey what shoes did you where for your assassins creed videos?

M_ Dot says:

Ronnie do tutorial for raiz &TD raiz

Fluorescent YT says:

Hey Ronnie? If you do another shoe review, could you do one on the Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81? I hear they’re an okay shoe, but I’d need a trusted review on it and you’re the man to do it. Thanks!

Kevin Gomez says:

Hey Ronnie how can you recommend getting back into parkour after doing it quitting and wanting to get back in. I’ve got the basic rolls and some vaults done

Josh Barreras says:


Mareks vlogo says:

OMG I soul you on American ninjas and you made it I’m sorry dat your dad dident make it

sea_bass 27 says:

will you ever do a review on the new tempest shoe

Tsepp 77 says:

They make the best wrestling shoes so i expect those to be good.

Thoma Farrow says:

try reviewing
asics/onitsuka tiger shaw runner
kswiss si 18 ranell 2
this is like all any of us in england wear other than the adidas adistars which are quite popular i guess
there are also these pair of harrachis or something and a new adidas shoe people wear but idk the name

N3RD JOKER says:

hey if anyone lives in nebraska i wanna know if u could find any good parkour spots

Alfin 124 says:

Shoes Best

Parkour jaljulia 2 says:

nice video ronnie keep going , can you do a human flag video?

Ds move says:

Cool pants where can I get some?

landen kreiner says:

please review the onitsuka tiger ultimate 81!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean Scantlebury says:

What is the best parkour shoe

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