Running Shoe Review: ASICS GEL-Kayano 21

A full video review of the Asics Gel-Kayano 21. Cathy and Greg discuss their opinions of the newest Kayano running shoe, a perfect fit for overpronators seeking maximum cushioning. Watch this video to learn more about the Kayano 21.

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Ricardo T. García says:

so what´s the best , about cushioning , kayano 21 or nimbus 16 ?

Menno van Roon says:

He great video! I got one question. I read somewhere that the asics gel kayano 20 was a stable shoe especially for people with a history of injuries like kneeinjuries or so. Maybe it goes without saying, but do you think this is true for the 21 aswell?


Can you use this shoe for lateral movements? Like cross training or gym

GTX790SLI says:

If I am a very thin guy, only 125 pounds, is this shoe gonna be too stiff for me? If it is, what shoe do you recommend for me? I am US size 7-7.5 and flat feet.

Nate Davidson says:

Have this shoe.. It’s amazinh

Nick Kyle says:

I know its off topic, but your production is very well done in your videos.  What camera and audio equipment do you guys use, if you don’t mind me asking?

Socrates Brasilero says:

Is the kayano line purely stability shoes? Can a neutral runner use stability shoes?

Kimock7 says:

can anyone tell me how many miles this shoe is built for?  500 miles?  600?  700?

anil tetik says:

HEY  pls help which one is better kayano21 or tri noosa10 ?

Erin May says:

I loved my first pair but the second pair started to break down at at about 100 miles and they are only used on running not normal day things. I don’t know if it’s just the shoe or what but 250+ miles for the first was better not the 100- miles on the second.

Ankit Wadhwa says:

Which is better adidas energy boost 2 ESM or asics kayano21?

jcfenixz says:

Hi guys, any good recommendation about running shoes that help to minimize the knee pain when running?? I am currently using the kayano 19, Regards!

insatiable2rossi says:

Too much weight and too big, good for a big person I guess. 

Sting Ray says:

I have been using the GT 2170 2e for a while.Will the fit in the kayano 21 2e be similar or is better to go for 4e since there is some talk about a sock liner introduced in the kayano

LordRaiden112 says:

Whatever you do, don’t run with Kinsei 5’s. Quite possibly the flimsiest shoe asics ever made! They are very comfortable, but for 210 euros, what I paid for them, they lasted for 7 weeks.They are only good to look at and go shopping with them. If you go jogging, it is unavoidable, you will scrape the sides at some point against concrete, footpaths, or other obstacles, and your shoe is ruined. Mine are full of rips and tears everywhere. The upper material is very soft and thin. After wearing Asics for more than 25 years I will now be looking elsewhere, what a ripoff!

MLP Shawn says:

Im new to track in high school, my coach said we will be running a lot so what or which pair of Asics will be good for me thanks!

MerkinMuffly says:

Great cushioning shoes, but the 21s are narrower than 20s because of added padding in the toe box.  If you get these, get a 2e and probably 1/2 size larger as well.

Beth Gallant says:

I have low arches and need good support in my shoes. Should I go for asics kayano 21 or saucony hurricane iso?

hollyvelocitygrl says:

I’m going from last years Asics Forte, so I overpronate and have big feet (11.5). I want the Kayano’s but should I get 2E or 4E? -because he mentioned the toe box bigger. Or would a 4E be too wide maybe? (I have to buy mine online without trying on)

Sting Ray says:

I have been using the GT 2170 2e for a while.Will the fit in the kayano 21 2e be similar or is better to go for 4e since there is some talk about a sock liner introduced in the kayano

speedygonzales says:

Hi !! 🙂 I’m hoping to switch to the kayano 21 from the Nike air I’ve been using for 4 years. I didn’t know much about shoes then so I bought the size I usually wear for other casual shoes (US 6) and didn’t take into consideration stuff like the swelling of the feet when running or the fact that they overpronate (caused me mutiple injuries) and my toenails always hurt after I take them off. So I feel like I should get a bigger size this time. However asics sizes apparently run smaller? Is that true? In the case should I get a 6.5 or 7 for the kayano ? /: what is the ideal allowance space for a running shoe? Thanks so much for you help!!! :)))

심예종 says:

젤카야노 7

8xlaxx says:

Wuz up w/ da headwear, Cathy?…Go STEELERS! : )

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