Sneakers 101: Best Runner To Start With? (Saucony, Asics, New Balance) Retro Runners

New series I wanted to start for newer sneakerheads, leave a comment on any upcoming topics you want me to cover!

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Izeeks Sneaks says:

There really shouldnt be one to start with if you like it get it.

Daniel Gonsalez says:

digging the asics, concerning running shoes you can go a long way with any depends on the type of running you do, but then again you can go a long way with any running shoe to be honest as far as comfort goes that’s a must.

TheProjectZ says:

What are the nicest AirMax 90s?

Henry Grant says:

I got gel lyte v’s for $45

Tristan Bauer says:

my first runners are those new balance x bait x gi joe storm shadow

DaveyLeeRiot says:

just my opinion but in my experience I’d put New Balance first only bcuz their quality is on point even with their GRs. As for Asics & Saucony, the quality in material is very hit & miss

The Ice Aura says:

+Hes Kicks any good recommendations for the Asics Gel Lyte V’s for colorways?

NYSneaksTV says:


I like turtles! says:

how about the gel lyte kayanos?

Its Dico says:

What sauconys are on the bottom right?

ゥイ says:

Can u do a tutorial how to lace asics

adam mahmoud says:

How to clean suede? I have got couple of asics HELP

MrGarey1 says:

NewBalance runners are by far the WORST pair of runners I have ever had the misfortune to purchase. They cause foot odour and are falling apart at the soles. ese pieces of crap are not even six months old . I had a pair of Nike runners that lasted 4 years with no problems. BUYER BEWARE . Buy a reputable brand and leave this shit on the shelves . Extremely UNSATISFIED EX NEW BALANCE CUSTOMER

Michael Shin says:

I’m 9.5 I. Now / Jordan’s 10 in Adidas. 10 in new balance is snug. 10.5 is perfect

adam wachlin says:

I have some of the saucony grid sd. Are the grid 9000 more comfortable?

chris greene says:

dope shoes and video..was wondering if you’ve heard anything on the adidas tubular knits sizing??

Isaiac gonsalez says:

I got Saucony grid 9000 and sds for $40 each on ebay

Marco Broere says:

How you clean your sneakers and where do find your deals and are they for europe aswell? Hes

Mark Arakaki says:

what about diadora? The Italian brand is very underrated and hard to find! I don’t see many reviews on them.

HLGxxEPICxFailxCakeS says:

Grid 9000 vs boost?

Lethal B says:

Should I cop asics gel lyte ii or new balance ml515

k derek says:

Just ordered shoes from your links thanks bruh!!

ok says:

How do you buy legit sneakers off eBay?

Sebastian Luna says:

you sure those are gel lyte iii’s? I thought the iii’s had a split tongue, idk I might just not be able to see it

Juan Cuenca says:

Can you do a video on how to style with these shoes ? That would be very helpful.

VN7 GT says:

+Hes Kicks Where I am in the UK the weather is pretty horrid from October through to March, any recommendations on sneakers good for rainy days?

Kevin Fallon says:

LMFAOO I am 16 and I am a size 10.5 to an 11

kavonta taylor says:


Clinton L. Samuels II says:

Asics then nike for runners at the present moment followed y adidas then puma

Swagster_13 says:

For Me (Faves)
Asics-Gel Lyte V
Saucony-Shadow 5000,Grid 9000,Grid SD,G9 Shadow 5 & 6
New Balance-574,998,1600,997,etc

Deval Khatri says:

i’m confused, should i buy asics gel lyte v or nike air max (any) in india for regular walking since i have slip disc and i need ultimate comfort in budget

john hancock says:

HES! Do you know anywhere to buy ropelaces?? With a lock? I want some for my black and white grid 9000’s

m p says:

My first runner was the Saucony Grid 9000 Maroon from the Jersey Pack.

Jennifer McBride says:

no woman

Tai Doan Duc says:

Can I have your foot measure (width and length) pls?
Because I’m gonna purchase a gel V and normally I go for size 9.

Samuel Tanner says:

“Average fan of the sneaker”

define average?

Slightly Biased Kevin Durant Fan says:

IN MY OPINION… Asics, Saucony then New Balance..

Victor Windfeld says:

By some Nike Air max 95/97 silver bullets

Oe Masa says:

no ultra boost?

austin Lima says:

Does anyone know if the asics gel lyte 5 fit like the gel lyte 3 because I normally wear between an 8-8.5 in any other shoe but in the gel lyte 3 I’m a 9 just wondering if the gel lyte 5 fit the same because I’m ordering online someone help plz !!

Kaboom Rico says:

good one hes!
check out ronnie fiegs new runner collab with diadora. theres also a video on GQ’s youtube im pretty sure you will like and everybody who just started interest in runners 🙂

franchiske says:

What do you think about the Saucony Originals Bullet for running?

Alex Gonzalez says:

everytime he says “SOCK-uh-knee” I cringe….

coolstrings20 says:

Are saucouny g9000 and new balance 998 comfortable for flat footed runners?

Caleb Sides says:

gel lyte iiis fit half size small to me. good vid tho hes

zsac16 says:

keep this series going, very helpful

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