So Comfy! “False Flag” Undefeated Asics Gel Lyte 5 (V) Review & On Foot

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fa q says:

Fully laced for like $7 post a pic on Twitter and tag u so u can see


this asics or ultraboost?

fa q says:

I put 3m rope laces on mine looks good. The black leather changes the more you wear them almost a distressed look.

thomas sullican says:

gel-lyte’s are all from like the late 80’s and on i believe

JBuckets1 says:

These are nice

Steven Leung says:

wait, ur pair had extra laces?@! mine didnt come with any 🙁

gallery of my undftd glv’s and some other recent pickups 🙂

jay Fuego says:


Wyatt Browdy says:

Everything asics is comfortable. Asics wrestling dominate the wrestling shoes market.

Day Marinkovich says:

for me, the gel lyte v becomes uncomfortable after a few hours of wear. the gel lyte III however is something i can wear for 8 hours and my feet are good at the end of the day. great vid and thanks for the up close looks. that colorway is definitely fire. 

TheTurdFerguson1 says:

GL5’s FTW everytime.  Great shoe.  Great vid too



Brian Kim says:

You have the RF sage and rose golds don’t you? You never tried them on? You did an u boxing but no review. Did u sell those??

DarkPhysicx | Sneakers & Gaming says:

I copped! So comfy and look good. I lace swapped with some Black/3M rope laces from RopeLaceSupply and it makes it so much better (aesthetics wise). Can’t wait for more GLV collabs, the sneakersnstuff and concepts ones coming out don’t grab my attention much but I’m sure there will be way more later on.

Aaron Mamitag-Quimson says:

nothing new with ASICS. they and Winning Boxing are most comfortable products from Asia ever

Kaboom Rico says:

See alot of comments which say asics doesnt allow visible branding… But the gel lyte 3 woei collab had branding :/ anyone knows why they was allowed to do it?

Matthew Payne says:

Yeah asics doesn’t allow additional visible branding on Collabs which is extremely odd IMO. Anybody know the real reasoning behind that??

rideabike36 says:


Jerome Hill says:

very similar to New balance old tech same comfort and consistency with the quality of sneaker

Julio Martinez says:

I could be wrong but I think the speckle on the sole is 3m.. Great shoe , wish it came in my size

BG Loves3s says:

That sock liner is such a nice snug comfortable fit. Glad you’re on the Asics. Maybe you’ll pick up more pairs now

Christian Tallis says:

Asics gel lyte V are the most comfortable. Love them

Ryan Irlansoen says:

+Hes Kicks hi hes, how’s the fitting on these? did u run true to size or go half size bigger?

adfrazier98 says:

Asics don’t allow beaming on collabs that’s why it’s only on the insole

Jian Xiang says:

This or ultra boost?

Gaberamirez1234 Ggg123 says:

Thank bro!

Kaboom Rico says:

+sk2dt i wear a 9.5 / 10 in nike, in asics 10.5 but a 10 fits me good also. In Adidas im a 9.5 period if that helps 🙂

sk2dt says:

How’s size compare to nike?
Never owned asics before but I heard they are the most comfortable shoes
I wear 10.5 on nike air max
Should I get 10.5 on asics too??

Great video as always!

D V says:

A pair of orange wax laces look crazy dope

AMcPherson says:

the asics gel late V collab with concepts last year, i believe they were called the embers, but those are the most comfortable asics I own, the materials were super good

Jonathan Marquez says:

consider a gel Lyte 3!

denims maniac says:

but but but but

Royce Vigilla says:

How do the asics gel lyte v fit?

Gaberamirez1234 Ggg123 says:


Road To The Dragon says:

That’s sick pair

D. P. says:

I have really taken to the Asics they are just awesome the comfort and quality seem to always be there. Next I want to explore Diadora they have some beautiful colorways and the material appears to be top shelf

MrAhuraMazda187 says:

I can see why people say Asics are comfy, but for me and my foot, I feel like they’re way too narrow (and I don’t have a particularly wide foot). I would size up half a size but 12.5s aren’t always available and my toe on the 12s has more than enough room. I also have Asics running shoes, like actual running shoes and they’re narrow as well. For me, Freerun 2.0s are the King of Comfort and Sauconys. Saucony is a great brand really killing it.

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