We compared different basketball shoes at different price points!

Zack https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTs5PJGf9AwnA7mNV3ejNTQ
Zack video https://youtu.be/AFe4AmT_9A8

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● Cash https://www.youtube.com/user/WhatChaMaCalling
● Td https://www.youtube.com/user/TDPresents
● Mal https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOiNKySCaHvyh_nT9PtI73Q


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Cheese Burger says:

The flytraps are actually a decent budget shoe

Ethan Whitney says:

Is it alright if I have Air Jordan Retro 6 (GS)? for 140$?

Chase Penner says:

I love how at 8:35 jesses arms just flail


At 2:01 that’s what she said

Undead_ assaian says:

I have hightop shoes I wear the everyday and play basketball for 6 hours

GioGamingTv says:

I cant afford basketball shoes thats why i bought fake currys and now i dont want to wear it on my practice bc im gonna get laughed on

WhatWazDat YT says:

I have Nike air precision 🙁

Daniel Murda says:

I have Kylie flytraps

Martina Brockway says:

Please do another one

Vanimator says:

Did anynody notice when Zack made a mid-range it caounted as a 3?

Emoney 07 says:

And then I read all the comments and they say there have the fly traps

Wolfman 12345678910 says:

I wonder if Jessers shot has precision?

Matt Sushi says:

Yes Kyrie is v hypebeast yezzz

Mohamed Bah says:

The kyrie flytrap is a good hoop shoe

Ryan Ryan says:

I hate Jesser know just because of this video because he just went to dicks sporting goods just to hate on the kids and people who shop at the store and I buy most of my shoes from dicks

Bronson Trost says:

The funny thing is all the expensive shoes are the most ugly ones

#I support Colin Kaepernick Just do it says:

Jesser you can’t use a shoe you like you suppose to try new ones out you never used.

Quick says:

Im literally hooping 5 hours straight with 20$ shoe they’re pretty confortable but i don’t think u guys will like it

Zach Labadie says:

Zack won those Lonzo”s in the 1v1(u liar)

Svan 11 says:

He should have bought another pair of those adidas for the traction test so that they work brand new so the bottom isn’t worn out

Ysabel Astacio says:

The Wade jersawy is nice

76ers AI says:

Those flytraps are a good ball shoe

Ysabel Astacio says:

I bought cash and jesser on playgrounds

bigdeathcon 19 says:

My basketball shoes are the air precision

Red Eye Rex says:

Dude i wear flytraps

AJW_ Wally says:

Kyrie flytraps aren’t even bad tho

Ethan Contrera 6605 says:

Zach got way more bunnies than jesser. Jesser cannot dunk

God Naruto says:

Weird flex but ok

LiL Flame god says:

I have those

CH33Z3D1P says:

My friend wears kyrie flytraps for game…

Chris Corrie says:


Penny Carlile says:

Don’t make fun of the kyrie fly traps I own that red white and blue ones

Goldeneye 11 says:

So the lonzos without the signature is 500 if I’m right so basically the signature is 500 extra dollars HELL NOO 500 for a sign fuck that

ImSoDizzy says:

its funny how i feel like these guys thinks better shoes better players

DON GOT vlogs says:

Zack Are the zo2 big

Ruben Duran says:

Your the goat

Hayden Patton says:

I where a pair off $70 shoes and im the best one on the team

Zachary Bressard says:

1:41 me

Logan Hering says:

Air precision 2 are my basketball shoes

Dud3rl1kesanime gaming? says:

Jesser is just bad..
JK lol I’m kidding bro

egor games says:

nike kobe 360 210$

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