Adidas Harden Vol 3 Performance Review!


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Darmawan says:

I miss when hardens are casual friendly, where you can wear on and off the court, unfortunately this is “too basketball”

Anthony Gamez says:

Man I’m going to cop these for xmas

Keoni Lara says:

Not a fan of the harden line, but Actually seen these in person and gotta say it’s pretty dope! Might pick up a pair

Yellow Jell-O says:

Vol. 1 = Vol. 2 > Vol. 3

Carl Nolasco says:

When i bought this last week and its a bit racist because i am wearing kobe nike socks with harden adidas shoes

M&M says:

Just copped them today during boxing day for $150 CAD retail $200 CAD now I have backups for my kobe 360s

Ralph Olaso says:

i compared my voyagers to the kobe 1 protro and all i want to do is re sell these cause they hurt my knees real bad. Just not the best shoe for my style of play. im 200lbs and loves to drive in the basket.

YSL Banga says:


Andy Tran says:

I wouldn’t spend more than $100 for outdoor basketball shoes

BrawlBro says:

So this is the best shoe of 2018

Kaylee Alger says:

I want them so bad they’re so fire

Adam Roshak says:

These guys have good production and are always timely with news and updates but they have zero delivery when it comes to their reviews, just mindless babble “so there’s that” nonsense

Christopher Boken says:

Can y’all do a vs. with harden 3 and curry 5. I feel like they’re really similar but wanna know the small differences

DShadow 87 says:

harden vol 3 vs vol 1

Peter Tran says:

HARDEN VoL. 3 vs KOBE 360

T Money says:

“It does pick up a little bit of dust”

-Sammy, every shoe ever

greatest ever says:

The band with the signature was suppose to be for lateral movement.

Thomas Brown says:

The shoe ugly

StanzaStar says:

Should I get these or the Kobe 360’s???

x is sick says:

I’ve already bought these and love them they’re fire

Ebiw says:

do you recommend for wide footers??

Ezekiel Hardt says:

do a translucent vs. non translucent video on these

Piotr Twarowski says:

Hi! Crazylight 2018 vs Harden vol3? At the moment H3s are 50% more expensive… Are they also 50% better performance wise?
Thanks in advance for your answer.

Nicholas Fowler says:

Wearing Nike socks while wearing Adidas Harden Vol 3

George Linstin says:

James Harden is my favorite player of all time

Mr.Nice Guy says:

Glad to know I’m not the only one who wears Adidas shoes with Nike socks.

Jay Dimagiba says:

All harden is just lit!

Carlos Anarcon says:

Do a top color ways for the harden vol3

Bobby Li says:

you need some better mics bro lmao, aye but sick video helped me a lot

Lucas Aaronson says:

Do you need to break them in?

이찬우 says:

nike + adidas

BigMike says:

Anyone know how the colorway with the translucent outsole performs?

Mauricio Palacios says:

This shoe is amazing (right out the box). Translucent outsole is great as well! (Does pick up dust but didn’t affect performance)

MrJnyne says:

No way! Sammy likes the cushion?! This is a moment in history

TurtleTheGamer says:

Feelsbad my hardens slip on dust like crazy hopefully they break in

Xedric playz says:

I’m a wide footer and the plastic part of my Jordan 29’s dig into my foot, does the side part on these hardens dig into wide footers feet?

Khristian Zacharias says:

Damn I look kinda stupid while im wearin them casualy

Paolo Magsuay says:

How about the sizing of the shoe? Im size 9 in lillard 3.

BRAVERY600 says:

As a student of textiles, I have to say that the traction pattern is not herringbone-shaped, it is actually pointed twill-shaped.

Dimitris Kalen says:

Is this shoe good for guys with flat fit?

Clash With Bedre says:

Video how you play!?

Jason Williams says:

Idk if its gonna be like the harden Vol. 2 were it grew on me to the point that im still wearing them right now(which i am)

Cheptea Cosmin says:

Harden vol.3 vs kd 11

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