Adidas James Harden Vol. 1 Performance Review!

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Here is a full performance review on the adidas James Harden Volume 1! I’ve been hooping in these a lot lately, and wanted to share the pros and cons with my fellow basketball players. I know picking a sneaker to play ball in can be a difficult decision. There are so many options out there that it can be a little overwhelming. I personally put these to the test though – many hours on many surfaces and I have a good understanding of the tech used on this particular shoe. I want to share that with you in this video so I break down the Fit, Traction, Impact Protection, Lockdown, Support, and Court Feel. Hopefully, you find it helpful. If you did make sure you hit that thumbs up! Thank you for watching! See you soon.


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tony nguyen says:

Wait with the toe strap and everything, is the shoe even breathable? (commented this before watching the whole video)

Weugly_squads says:

when I put these on my feet felt really silky

Lloyd Dizon says:

will these last outdoors?

Andy Ham says:

I’m rockin these hardens but in the black ops xeno colorway. The materials on that colorway has that spandex-like stretchy material on the toe box which is more forgiving then this colorway with the leather. Loving the performance on these and half size down they fit my foot perfect. But my trusty number one ball shoe is my good old reliable Kobe 8’s and Kobe 9s with the Lebron 11 full length zoom/lunarlon insoles. Best combo ever.

AirJP 423 says:

Love the video. I currently am playing in the Kyrie 3s and love them!

Joe Dash says:

Tried the crazy light 2016. Always jam my toe. Went back to Kobe 11s(all star to be exact). The way play I guess Kobe models have been the best. My homeboy got a pair, will try them out. Good price to do so

jon s says:

Nice review. These probably aren’t for me. The Kobe 11 EM and the Melo M12 are what I hoop in. I love the fit on both, and the traction on the Kobe’s is great. Sometimes I use the 2016 Hyperdunk Lows too, solid all around shoe.

Justin Playz says:

Will these shoes help harden play d

Reagan Oha says:

Hurt my feet

Will Weekly Entertainment says:

Good videos man! I like your reviews

Ryan Prosser says:

been ballin in the all-star hyperlives. basically the Nike version of the Harden 1. would’ve been hardens if he had stayed. I wish I could wear them with the LeBron insole but its a little thick. overall, I think they dope

Beastly Dookie says:

Willy Nilly with the boost – Mr Foamer Simpson

Snippin Snipin says:

They look so comfortable

Diadora Dales says:

basketball efficient sounds accurate bro …. ur freestyle game crazy ….. off the dome wid all dat fly vocab … my g

JsoloMeDiA says:

Adidas sucks when it comes to basketball…. I think they want to make a shoe for a true master….. Anyway, Jordan 29’s for life!!!!!!!!!!! good looking foam

G33zy413 believe says:

i love these man i feel what you’re saying about the digging it’s almost like a pressure point in the middle of your foot but out went away fairly quick for me smooth sailing after that. they do run super long but being a 15 that could probably benefit from a 14.5 if they made half sizes after 13 all my kicks are long

Maserati OUTHILL Lopez says:


Gimp mendez says:


ATLFinesser says:

bruh will the traction last on outdoor courts???

Tazzorz Cuenca says:

Hey Mr.Foamer simpsion! Does the leather of these can last for 5 years?

John Blake says:

7 foamies!!??? I fucks with it

Brandon Durning says:

Foamer is such a goat

EyeKreeper says:

The vol 1 is my favorite shoe… and this was posted on my birthday

Thxt_KinG says:

Should I get these or adidas crazy explosives I’m a shooting guard and I’m not that big what do I do

Kim lins says:

Should I get these for a hoops camp?

Bryan Craig says:


_ ToxicCommando607 _ says:

When is crazy explosive coming?

YoItsPhi says:

FOAMER SIMPSON DOES IT AGAIN!! dope review. I went to his launch party in LA and vlogged about it. Thanks for keeping it real

Stang Lim says:

I’m currently using the Curry 3 which i feel good with it, I mean I’m a shooting guard i like the curry 3 more than the harden vol. 1 which my bro has… i agree with you, the fit is ughhh struggle, I almost had an injury after doing a hard lay up during the tournament last 2 days here in the Philippines… thank you my bro and I liked this vid

K C says:

i wanna get pair for aau

mzumazumx1 says:

I am not a basketball player as I am way to short but I still enjoy these videos

olivewireo says:

Outdoor is oK?

ELRabi0z0 says:

great review. I had a similar problem with the fit, i believe i would need to try a half bigger size.

Markus says:

Courtfeel is overrated

Jonathan Gresham says:

Anyone have ideas to fix heel slipage

Joshua Gonzales says:

Is it for good for outdoor?
Or will it not ware out when you use it for outdoor basketball?

Millicente says:

The only beard I’ll ever fear is the one that flops and sells “fouls” to get to the line. Trashy play

Michael White says:

I may try them out. Currently hooping in AJ XX8, XX9, & 30’s. Sometimes Melo M11

wen xuan lin says:

curry 3 performance review plz

James Glenn says:

My go to is the crazy lite 2016 I wanna Check these out but I’m leaning more towards the d rose or the crazy explosive

Billy Bob says:

do these feel like kobe 10 lows?

Tracen Warnick says:

Good vid! You should review the dame 3s

Weugly_squads says:

I tried these on in a 9.5 my actual size and they looked too wide and felt tight on the top.of the foot where it cut off

naomi leslie says:

Do you pick this over D Rose 7?

Esau is The Devil says:

See you in slavery, foamer!!!!!!

Heath Johnson says:

I tried them on in the nearest FootLocker, and they were pretty comfortable. The balance of court feel and impact protection is pretty good, at least for me. I’m a shorter guard with a Baron Davis type build.

Christian Mata says:

will this last outdoors?

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