adidas Pro Bounce Performance Review

adidas Pro Bounce Performance Review

Hey Guys! Here is a detailed performance review on the adidas Pro Bounce.

Thanks for watching!!!

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Stjepan Benković says:

I have 28 cm (11.02 in) long foot, and my number size are from 9 to 10,5, depending of model, producer

j_bee 1216 says:

pro dope!!! 🙂

kthxbye HD says:

Oh my! Love the design!! <3

Alex Hong says:

Honestly, 2:00 game me a smile 🙂 Thumbs up for the video!

TheRealNoodles says:

I’m normally a 9 but if the shoe is round toe, definitely a 8.5. But if the shoe is slim toe, i would go 9 or 9.5. I don’t like having fitted shoes, i like to have a little bit of room because im a wide footer.

Vinny415 says:

Nice to finally get your full thoughts on these shoes as these are my favorite hoop shoes! Loved the “Adidas Size” part too because for as long as sizing has been an issue with Adidas, they still haven’t attempted to fix it. Anyways, for those of you reading this, I’m a shifty guard type player that makes a lot of hard cuts. I have a hard time finding shoes that have the lockdown and support I like, along with the cushion I need since I plant and pound the floor with my feet. My favorite hoop shoes in the past have been the 12s, the Soldier 6s, the Jordan XX8s even though I popped the air bags in three different pairs of em, and have been searching for something like them since. Well these are them. I’ve like the Drose 8s but the boost was almost too soft for me in a basketball shoe. These seem to be the best mix of everything I need, they’re super light, the traction is some of the best traction I’ve had no matter what the court, the cushion is good and the mesh upper and forged fiber helps to keep my feet from sliding off the footbed during my cuts. My foot measures 8.5 and I went with an 8.5. Still had room at the end of these, but I need that so I don’t jam my toes. Nightwing is a go to for shoe reviews before I even consider a pair to hoop in. Thanks for your hard work, because you don’t have to do these video reviews, but you do and they are extremely helpful. #justwingit

Varian David says:

That sizing rant made my night! LOL!! Common sense nowadays is not a requirement for anything anymore….maybe I’m just old! LOL!!!

quan tran le says:

when will you have a performance review on the jordan ultra fly 3

Ahmed Raza says:

the price on these are awe inspiring so wanted to ask if its ok for every day use????

Mark Omagap says:

so, you’re a minimalist now, nice 🙂

Valentin says:

Pro bounce 2018 vs jumpman hustle, which one is better ?

ijna says:

i can fit any given time a 12 to 13.. lol maybe like with kobe 8 a 11 1/2 …looool

J T says:

Is the ankle support on this shoe good? Is the material around the ankle area reasonable thick and stable?

MVP Guo says:

Venom review ?

Jun Abarquez says:

It really depends on the design. I guess. If it is sort of pointed then it will be a bit small and if the toes are rounded it is a bit big. Also the texture, if it is leather or not.

Jah-Leah E says:

Felt like my toe kept jamming in these. So size felt off. I stopped wearing Nike to play in 5 years ago and have worked for/ played in UA. Finally wore adidas casual and felt the comfort so I gave these a try. Not rly doing it for me. Great traction, but comfort especially compared to UA (clutchfit etc) is to be desired

Crazy Fanaticz says:

So which is better?
Jordan jumpan hustle or adidas pro bounce 2018

Joey Simon says:

my adidas size is usually just my true size

cinzinc says:

Compared to the Crazy Explosive’s, which one would you pick?

Mark Omagap says:

whats my adidas size?

haro wilson says:

The fit was too narrow for me.

ijna says:

i like the forefoot plates to keep my foot from hyperflexing i experience sometimes

D. Kaoru says:

Adidas US9,5 is a UK9. Nike’s US10 is a UK9. For some reason my feet measurement is more accurate in UK size which is a UK9. So i buy US9.5 for every adidas and US10 for every nike. And since I don’t live in the US we use UK size here. So i have to go down half a US size with every adidas but it’ll be a true UK size for me. Shit is confusing asf.

Félix AW says:

I would like to buy the pro bounce 2018 but need to know the following: How wide this shoe is in the toe area? I ask because I’ve read that it is a narrow shoe. Regarding durability of the sole…is this shoe recommendable for outdoor play? Thank you!

Jason Del Mundo says:

right to the point man…nice…

Elizabeth Joo says:

would you recommend the hovr havoc over these?

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