And1 Mythos basketball shoes unboxing/review


Vinnie Will ReacT says:

i Pick on The kids ThaT wear and1 in my school

fusion player911 says:

if their from Walmart than their not real leather

Joshi2298 Boa says:

And one thing that is not leather, or real leather atleast

CorruptedAccountName says:

bitch plz, it doesn’t matter about the quality or how good it is, any shoe from fucking walmart is gay and shit

Product Placement says:

I have a pair of lebrons, but they are so plain. So I found some AND1s for $5.00 for just wearing around

Scoldergaming says:

hope you like em

Henry Marocchi says:

I got a pair of and 1 once and within 2 weeks the entire soul fell off

kicks on fire says:

this is not a hate comment what so ever but a motivator, I remember getting Walmart shoes twice a week and it kinda sucked because I would get blisters I play club ball for AZU and I tell you if I was to play in Walmart shoes I would be a laughing stock, but back to the point. I finally got my way and got pay less shoes they were uhhhhhh alright. but they were only cutting my shoe count to 1 a month lol but I still get made fun of because my “friends” had some crusty ass Nike’s that look like they stole them from the trash, but anyways it sucked. but then! I got my first Nike’s the team hustle d6 black color way there were great! I remember my friends pointing at me and laughing and we’re like oh he got a another pair! haha, then I turned they saw that swoosh and they stopped laughing! and I walked with swag! I also remember sleeping next them. eventually they wore down and then I got chucks those were fresh not my favorite sneaker though, then! I found signature sneakers Kobe 8s those are the coolest shoes I had up until that point then I got kd7 kd8 Kobe 10s cp3 9 af1 mids and etc I found my goal but listen they say you are what you wear you wear what you are let and1 show you have courage and don’t care what people say. bye

orion 415 says:

FOR ANYONE WHO GET BULLIED FOR WHAT SHOES THEY HAVE, just let them know that China makes both the shoes for the same price! I’m serious look it up its kinda funny lol.

Quinton Neal says:

All these gay mofos in the comments. I wear and1 shoes and I’m proud to wear em unlike some retards

Infinite Legend says:

when kobe left adidas he wore and1s and convers until nike signed him

QuietOnSet says:

I don’t think a lot of you dickheads realize pretty make every sneaker made only took $5-$20 dollars to make including Jordan’s etc…..Your paying for the Name & Labor hours ONLY!! its the same damn sneakers!! So jokes on you for paying $300.00 for a shoe that really cost $30.00

Hash Slinging Slasher says:


Ethan Portz says:

y’all niggas be ice skating in them

rich man says:

Wal-Mart budies


Out of all things he says “and the paper is pretty nice”

Mr.ManBones says:

they are decent i guess

Prodeske MCFerrari says:

This guy…. lmao colorway is just cheap nail polish

Levi Engel says:

im 14 and wear and1

Nick Diaz says:

Nice shoes I’m gonna get me a pair

fonz foederl says:

Throw those pieces of shit in the trash. They are probally donated to walmart from the dollar tree.

Henry Marocchi says:

This boy thinks he got real leather for $30 lmfao

Mike Kavanaugh says:

i have and1 shoes and there are good shoes

Nathanael Dardano says:

i can think of 1000 ways to roast this kid right now

Madd Catter says:

Boy shoes lokkin like a black blueberry.

Bart_ Thuglife says:

I wish I had some

Lionel Messi says:

Do they have the same size of nike’s?

Anthony Rauth says:

Cool shoes, kid. I like them.

Hunter Byron says:

Sick The reason why I’m getting and1s is because I can’t afford 70$ basketball shoes so I’m getting these there sick

Bart_ Thuglife says:

Where is is from again

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