Anta KT 2 Performance Review! (Klay Thompson)

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Ferdinand Camu says:

im electrician and i like this!

Jordon Tiberend says:

Sammy wears 7.5? lol how tall is he

Isaac Victor Blanco says:

kickgenius vs solebrothers

Johnny Tran says:

why do you put so much emphasis on dust when it comes to traction? isn’t that contradicting that in order for good traction there must be a good stick to the hardwood

Dale Galvin says:

just got a pair in the mail keen to test them out.

Joshua Modina says:

Yo they have these shoes in rose gold…

nestea113 says:

looks dope

Danny Fraser says:

They look cold

Jenson Nguyen says:

Anta KT2 vs BrandBlack Future Legend!

marc upaw na unggoy says:

here in Philipines KT 2 is common you can see it in all the malls

Furno steel says:

Is this the chinese or american version of the shoe?

Savo Ezra says:

jordan extra fly

AING says:

how do i fing anta ‘s outlets dude like i search through the website and it’s hard to find shit

Evan Hernandez says:

that color way is dope

Iron Gastelum says:

You guys need to work on not being awkward

CaRL DJuSTIceD says:…….this pair is $120…might cop one

Silva Lau says:

on sale i got it from china at $45

Shop China says:

it can be order from with fair price there

Vincent Zhen says:

Jetlon feels like nothing to me lol

Panagiotis Stamatis says:

hey can you make an top outdoor shoes update?

Jed Robin says:

Anyone who’s tried these shoes
are they good for outdoors?

Krish Nathan says:

How does the traction compare to the Kyrie 2?

Levi Rich says:

If it had a nike check everybody would be on it

LI TAN says:

Sammy is a China man

Levita Relampagos says:

Hey sole bros pls review the anta Atlanta hawks plss

Jack Ke says:

This shit is good shoes. They do sell a lot. Especially in china.

Mitch ZImmerman says:

Why does the Li Ning logo look the same as this?

Jordan wells says:

what website can i get them

Dreamville 6ix says:

Where did they find the KT??? I live in Canada and I can’t find it nowhere

yutuberboy says:

Sadly though you cant rock anta and be considered cool.

allankennethdeguzman says:

Seriously, i’m not a fan of this channel because of the white guy. No offense man, but the asian guy should be the only one in the vid.

Jordon Tiberend says:

but good video guys

Kar Hor Khoo says:

I tried it, the feelings is good with the cousion but I didn’t pick it up. I go for the Rondo 2 because it is cheaper (RMB359.99).

Koh Wai Xhnn says:

is this shoe good for centers?

misio87 says:

Do the KT outdoor

mohandesman says:

bias Sammy haha

Donny's multiple activities Donovan Jackson says:

ur right about the what r those shoes because I didn’t know he had a shoe

Reagan Oha says:

********can ya’ll please do a performance review on Brandblack rare metal, they for sale, $110 on finishline, Nightwing said they top 5 performers, i want to see how they stack up against the Hyperdunk 2016 lows, Lillard 2s & Kobe 11 Ems, brandblack might be a low top killer

Yuezhang Zheng says:

show some respect to Lining, homie

Tang Yih Chuan says:

How did you manage to purchase Anta KT 2?

Experide says:

I really want those but I don’t wanna get roasted by Nike fans lol

TGIdecidous says:

Bro I saw the same color way of that shoe at shoe palace.

Alex Diaz says:

Fuck klay Thompson

Nick Barry says:

man if any one says what r those to me with these I’ll be like they’re Klay Thompson’s bitch

Jenson Nguyen says:

Im confused what does rebound mean when he is talking about the cushion?

Debbie Rodriguez says:

are the klay thompson 2 shoes wide or tight

Allan Grand says:

These guys are def potheads

Justin Mitiaev says:

If you have a wide foot get a half size up i have a wide foot i got a half size up and its perfect and it forms to your foot

CarlTherenz says:

luckily i bought the kt2

Ben Battista says:

How many times did that one guy say “yeah, right, mhmm”

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