APL Concept 3 Performance Review


You can purchase here: http://www.athleticpropulsionlabs.com


siphume msimang says:

how tall are you bruh

Nightwing2303 says:

Weight is always listed on my site’s score card.

Hoang Long Cao says:

So it is good for outdoor?? the sole?

spfdff says:

You’re 6’4″?!! Damn! You’re the smallest looking 6’4″ I’ve ever seen! I was gonna say 5’10” on a 9ft rim! Lol

Psychopath says:

you should join Team flight brothers

Heath Johnson says:

I had no chance in my vertical, but the shoe overall is a good performer.

Bruce Mao says:

Lol love the intro

Matt Pease says:

Did you give them time to break in. The spring part in the toe box needs a lot of time the break in before it will give you any increase in vertical leap

Henry Payne says:

Just when I thought I was bad at jumping…

Francis Tuazon says:

looks bad, im not talkin about his jump.haha

Alejandro Daniel says:

Dam you got no hops.

//NocRaJ// CowboBreaker says:

where i can buy APL concept 3 in france

TheLegendaryJimmyib says:


BallerForLife22 says:

No hops

Casual says:

haha thank you for the performance review on these shows.

Even if the “gimmick” doesn’t work the shoes are pretty good looking.

Bryant M says:

Try running, then jumping off 2 feet. You get way more air then by just jumping off 1.

david scott says:

your not jumping correctly sir.

アンソニー says:

No, you’re the one who is false. Where do you receive your info from?

Fredcent says:

How tall is he 5 foot 3?

SaniK says:

I am 6’3.5 at 210lbs and I bought these shoes. While I feel my vertical height may have a increased1/2 inch the other thing I’ve noticed is I have less leg and jumping fatigue while playing basketball as I am a main rebounded I jump alot! I still cant dunk but I can get my hands above the rim enough to grab it.

hever viguera says:

I have the concept 2 and they have survived about 6 to 7 months of outdoor playing. They are amazingly comfortable. The only problem i have with them is that they weight quite a bit and i sweat a lot and the shoes absorbed all the sweat falling down my kness so they get pretty heavy. My vertical i did manage to land my first dunk on them at the beginning but like i said, they get heavier when i sweat. I give it a 9/10. Performance wise they’re amazing.

Super Marijus says:

i can almost dunk without even wearing basketball shoes do u think i would be able to dunk with these? 

Fireguy 2014 says:

How much do they cost

FalloutNewUtah says:

Dis dumbass

Daniel Jackson says:

Wow that guy has like a 12inch vertical

B0i .x_x says:

Can u put high arches in it and it still works

Freddy Fox 500 says:

I wear a 8,5 US and my Under Armour is not great. How can I win these?

vShoTzZ25 says:

they say national average height in north america is 5-10 – 5-11 but almost all the guys i know are over 6 foot. In europe many men are around and over 6 foot and in amsterdam( wich is in europe) the average height of a man is 6 foot 1.

Aceboogzzz says:

Banned in the NBA

Tj Freeze says:

U should do jumping practice

Bryan Vincent says:

If they dont work why did the NBA ban them?

Wealthy Musical Instrument says:

many dunk
such jump

david scott says:

for someone who can’t jump u did good.

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