APL Concept 3 Performance/Jump Test

KickGenius finally (waiting since October, hence the Breast Cancer Awareness colorway) bringing you the performance test on APL’s Concept 3! In this Performance Test, we focus on the jumping mechanism within the forefront of the shoe known as the “Load-N-Lauch” technology – which is supposed to add an instant increase to your vertical… we’re about to see how true that is. As always, we hope you guys enjoy and hopefully this helped anybody out interested in purchasing the APL Concept 3! Thanks for watching!

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peewee hermam says:

it looked you did some increase though

Bayron Roco says:

damn, what happened to j jones

Usain Phelps says:

Wait so he jumps off his left foot but then when he jumps off two feet, right before he jumps his left foot is the second one to touch the ground to jump. Is that how it’s supposed to be

Junior Martinez says:

What’s the website

kdatdude 12 says:

I found gherbo

Qiu Shi Sheng says:

Jordan xii will make you jump higher

Connor Williams says:

Im 58 and an inch away

Magnus Machitadze says:

hou tall are you?

The platinum Gold 800 says:

those look a little bit like, a mix of lebron 8 and hyperdunk 2014’s

ChanceJoseph_Yt says:

Hey youre the guy from the drifit Jordan video!! I know Im late

///AMG says:

The best way to test is different days one day with that shoe and one day with Nike because each time u jump you lose energy in one setting

TreyDub says:

He did jump higher ….

MrNastyGaming says:

You’re not 6’0 either that goal is lowerd or you’re taller cause you’re barely jumping im 6’6 and i jump about the same as that

Will Mj says:

How about the running, any gain or benefit?

ILL_ Ale says:

When i can Buy it?

j.good06 says:

when tre had more bounce

aligboyakasha says:

Well done review and good video.

Do you have a training program for learning to dunk?

KaHei Tam says:

i am a hk 16 year old boy i want to buy this shoes how can i buy
anyone can tell me ?

RnP says:

Such a good choice of background music

marocain says:

That nigga used to look like g herbo

Lalambz says:

the apl made it looked more easier for your jump.. seemed effortless

Chris Rivera says:

Nice intro song

Paul Rita says:

Are they still available to get?

Nutty. says:

yung trey

randy 098 says:

how did you get your ups up

Diego541 says:

Why wouldn’t you show the shoe while talking about it?

Ya Boi Jumper says:

He Look like g herbo

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