Shot by: Scott Kan, Chris Chinn
Edited by: Chris Seerveld


Nicholas Ervin says:

I can’t wear any cause I got wide feet

Ur mom sr20 twin cum says:

Currys 2 are fukin trash curry fukin trash underarmor fukin trash warriors are fukin trash ! Blew 3-1 lead. Tf talkin about the best player in world smoking dick you fukin Dumas !

Chicken Cheesy Mac says:

No, they should call it deceptibron.

sporty spranger's says:

i used to have the red kyries

Jeremy Cheng says:

At 4:06 Steph Curry is wearing Nike

Iris Johnson says:

I have green curry’s

Djassas1n Eliteext says:

how is james harden retired

TheRACINGLine Gaming says:

those adidas shoes are all about performance not looks, it’s like I came here to play not to show off

Koda Cook says:

Where would you get these Nike Kobe 11?

Eli Howren says:

I kinda want some kyrie 3’s but I need some other opinions

PMPL says:

Who’s Steph Curry?

hawoo says:

I wear Jordan 5 AM for bball. Pretty good shoe

Kevyn Lisboa says:


kdj .14 says:

You guys should do this but 2017 (dame 3, kyrie 3, jordan 31, etc.)

Kory Elmore says:

those are curry ones you morron

Arg Gaming says:

I found brand blacks at Nordstrom rack

Franz Korger says:

where did you get the air jordan 12? i can only find kid size air jordan12


He called curry the best player ahhaahhaahhaahhaahhaahahahaha nice joke

robinson mialy says:

fuck you Chinese man motherfuckers

Aldrin Mar Jalog says:

indeed Jordan 11, 12, 13, 14 are Dope shoes!

Wei Liu says:

Currys 3 is the best

sup2239 says:

band wagon

EdwardSk8s says:

What’s retail for hyperdunk 2015 high

Luis Cabrera says:

Those Lillards are sick and even better I saw a store (ROSS!!) sell them for like $40

All things baseball says:

you have the Kyrie Infernos there is 6 in the world

VictorPlayz 05 says:

I’m looking for a basketball shoe that you can wear casually and that you can play basketball in can anyone help me out?

One Shot says:

Where u get these shoes

Sour Soles says:

where did u get that thermal

Sergej Gluscevic says:

Hi, im not sure which one of these sneakers is the best. Im sf, im fast and i drive, dont shoot, but when im alone i do. I like when my sneakers make me jump higher so please if u have some good options tell me. Sry for bad english 😀

Oprah Sideverson says:

Damian Lillard gets left out of the us team shows him on the us team

Ty Tru says:

Steph Curry greatest player in the world?! Stop it!

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