Hey Guys! Here are our top 5 picks for Best Basketball Shoes of 2018 so far.

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lowrider2-0-9 says:

I like this u show the shoe in ur hands unlike the asian and white dude

Don's World says:

I been wearing my Kobe 8s its nice light feels like nothing and I also got the zoom option but I feel like I need a little more zoom what shoe is similar to a Kobe 8 but more any ideas anybody?

Sweedish Fish says:

Hyperdunks are the perfect fit for me put in a memory foam midsole and it performs like a god

Jmxd21 says:

Wish I would’ve saw this before I bought those Harden vol. 2’s smfh

Oscar Yam says:


Daviyaun Dobbins says:

Sole squad…… Jk

Rye Roda says:

The old kobe 1’s are lit! Played with the jordan 31 lows this year and some OG adidas real deal 97.

Sneakerhead Traveller says:

no aj33 rumours?

Peter_Manster says:

LeBron soldier 11 zooms are the goat

gfed21 says:

KD 10s were comfortable but traction was so bad, not a good shoe if you have bad ankles. Also played in the off white hyperdunks (i play in all my shoes), and feet got super sweaty in them and ending up smelling hella bad, but sometimes you gotta flex. Had the crazy explosives also, which were ok, caged boost felt a bit firm and shoe kinda felt chunky. I always found myself going back to kobes though, 8, 11s etc

J Periz says:

What’s better lebron 15 low or dame 4??

Emmanuel Loudaros says:

Lebron 15 Hollywood for me

G33zy413 believe says:

Can’t wait for those why not lows!

Reginald Trinidad says:

Really love the new intro Nightwing!

Alvin Bong Hui Min says:

KD 11 is coming to get that number 1 ranking

Edit: KD11 just released in my country 2 days ago for $140 after currency exchanges

Mateusz Rabczenko says:

I feel you bro ! This the same thing like basketball Spalding ball ,why they still use old letter instead new technology? Beacuse old is the best. I always complain about traction this day’s,they make rubbish now . Why they don’t put old good stuff!! Me top 5 this year is :
Nr 1 . Soldier 1 art of champions (25 straight) the G.O.A.T!
Nr 2. Zoom Generation 1 LBJ King !
Nr 3. Harden vol 2
Nr 4. Nike Soldier 12
Nr 5. Nike LeBron 15

Dawid Łyszczek says:

Best basketball shoes 2018 for widefeet? Please!

Eko J. Suwandiro says:

Your shoe reviews are the most easily understandable without trying too much to be cool unlike other shoe channels. Props from Indonesia.

Chaos Theory says:

PG2 is good. Plays well, but the PG1 definitely looked better (have to take into account it’s supposed to be a perf shoe). I want the KTs and Kobes tho, they seem really good, but I gotta try them ingame.

axel lopez says:

Sad that the harden vol.2’s weren’t in the video 🙁

Jeff Clermont says:

Hey @nightwing2303, what is your GOAT performance sneaker. Please advise

Rolixinho says:

Can’t wait to see your soldier XII review

Daniel Lopez says:

Man, I bought the Why Not 1.0 white (with the colour sharpies) and I was unable to play without pain on my ankles. The band who provides additional support on tht area hurts me BIG TIME! I found out that I have the bone in my ankle to big, and this generates pressure when I jump or make a quick turn… So, I just tried for 4/5 games and I was done… Have to sold it 🙁 The shoe looks is AMAZING and the grip and comfort when I was just walking was wonderful… But for playing, just not for me 🙁 My favs right now are KD10 and AJ13. Any other recommendations on lows? I’m willing to try the Lebrons and Harden V2

WearTesters says:

Thanks for watching and being part of the #WearTesters Squad!!!

*Edit:* If you’re wondering why 2017 releases are not on the 2018 list, it’s because they released in 2017 and can be found on the 2017 list:

Everett Parker-Noblitt says:

By any chance, will you review on-court performance of the Lebron Soldier 1 “25 Straight” retro? I love shoes like the Protros, and was wondering if these would also be a performer. Thanks!

sonic bong says:

what happened to Dame 4?

SDAWG says:

Hell yes! Finally someone who get’s it!! I’ve been laughed at for my sentiments of the Kobe 1 protro’s in terms of there value increasing because they are well for the most part a first time retro….

Yoke King says:

Jordan Ultra Fly 2
Nike Hyperdunk Low
Nike Prime Hype df
UA spawn anatomix low

hillbert 10 says:

I like my mamba rages

Nickolas Holt says:

I have been trying to find those real kt2 lows and it is so hard. Anyone help me out with where to get em?

Arturo Martinez says:

Hey nightwing! Let me just say you’re the person I trust more with shoe reviews and I am a huge fan! However you blocked me on Instagram for reasons I’m not sure of. Can you please unblock me?

Last Impulse says:

so I cant get the mamba day anymore?

rogerthat says:

I’m waiting for my PG2s from Nike. Stores in Toronto don’t have 12.5, ever! I have Dame 3s now but the heel slips too much for me. Back to Nike!

Peniel Onyukwu says:

no kyries???

Legowright says:

Any word on a new Crazy Explosive? My 2 pairs have been through their paces…boost is life and I need some new ones!

Jeremy Ronquillo says:


DylanGaming says:

1.Kobe MID ad & Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit & PG1 (amazing shoes to hoop in)
2.Kyrie 4 & Harden vol. 1 (IMO, traction not consistent, but good overall shoe)

Nara Usara says:

nice vid

Carlos Bailey says:

Anta doesn’t make size 13 shoes..

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