The best basketball shoes of 2018.

Hey Guys! Today we’re taking a look at the best basketball shoes for 2018. In addition, we go over the worst basketball shoes of 2018, honorable mention(s) and Nightwing2303’s favorite basketball shoe of the year.

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Scott Kramer says:

Nightwing – How is the traction on the Harden 3 translucent outsole? You mentioned the solid rubber outsole is good.

Leonardo Galván says:

I still can’t find the freaking performance review of the soldier 12, however, i copped ’em with a gum outsole and a suede toecap, and man oh man, the shoe of the year, Amazing traction, amazing fin, amazing cushion (responsive yet protective), pretty good lockdown (It was a little inconsistent cause i had heel slipage when i used really thin socks, witch is weird), and great support, cause i’m very forefoot heavy

The only bad thing about that shoe, is that it doesn’t last a long time outdoors, and i hate when a shoe’s not built to last, unlike the old days with the jordans

Hunter Hook says:

You should put a “swear jar” on the screen and give that number to charity at the end of the year or something like that.

Andrew Reilly says:

I literally played a game yesterday where you tested the Kobe 360

thegoranimal says:

Kt 3 low vs kt 4?

ChrisNemo says:

Favorite shoe I hooped in this year is a tie between the PG2 and the Dame 4. The PG2 kept me locked in on the footbed and the cushion underneath the forefoot just felt amazing to me. The Dame 4, that shoe just feels good to me, nice and snug. Only thing I didn’t like about the dame 4 was how hard it was to put on. Other than that, bounce cushioning man -I might like bounce more than I like boost

Shea McGladdery says:

Curry 5s destoryed my feet!

Filippo Marchetti says:

@weartesters hi, I noticed that you didn’t mention the react Jordan Shoes SuperFly MVP , the ones Blake Griffin is wearing .. will you test them, or dp you know if react was implemented differently than last model..non in a phylon carrier but maybe something like they do in running models , mixing 2 diff foams running shoes , if you know anything please lmk ,Thanks , great vid as always!

Anggo Prayudi says:

Lebron 15 low is really good but jordan fly lockdown is crazy worth for your money.. Damn how people doesnt even try Jordan Fly Lockdown

Jacob cabe says:

The and1 attack low. They played perfect for me. Good traction,great fit, and a ok cushion. They are a great shoe overall

Miko Komiks says:

Bro, how about the marquee boost?

MetalHeadRossoNeri1 says:

I remember your D Rose 6 and D Rose 7 reviews being positive which makes me want to play in them to this day especially as a huge Rose fan. So disappointed to hear that the 9s are garbage.

Marvin Bordalba says:

Harden 3!!

T Money says:

“Best video of 2018”

Johnny Connors says:

jordan fly lockdown look so much like the lightspeed briefs from futurama

Pretty Fly For A White Guy says:

Your jumper is nice man. great release.

Justine Savella says:

How about the adidas pro bounce 2018?

Cj Apale says:

I got two Harden 3s on a 30% off discount on a site here in the Philippines. One is for use and one is for keeps. When I played in both the Kobe 5 and 6 back in the day, I played in both those shoes until they were more than past their optimal usage (my Kobe 5’s upper ripped on me while playing in them and my Kobe 6’s traction were almost smooth already). I regretted not buying pairs for keeps or for future playing use even when pairs were showing up on outlet stores that time. But I won’t make that mistake again. The Kobe 5 comparison is very accurate. Great ending to a great year for shoes 🙂 Cheers mate!

m_aldarwish says:

With all the injuries D.Rose has suffered maybe that is the only thing he can play and feel safe in. I am not defending anybody but I do feel that the they were designed to his comfort and safety.
But still you are the more experienced here so you might be right.

Dunzhi Jialuo says:

Sounds like I’m either getting the love protro or the harden. Hard choices. Maybe protro for outdoor and harden indoor.. (hopefully hardens go on discount)

Mar Valencia says:

I always get hyped when a nightwing performance review comes out.

Khan Shin says:

Harden vol. 3 is one of the all time top performer. I love playing in it!!
And I typically like your opinion about kobe 1 protro. Basketball shoes are supposed to be something like that especially e use of carbon plate at the bottom. I just love it and it reminds me of my early day a lot. Again great video! Thanks a lot! Enjoy the christmas!

dwa a1 heer says:

Got the Kyrie flytrap because I found them so cheap and they preform great

Steve s says:

I’m still recovering from an ankle ligament surgery, but Nightwing’s reviews and vids just make me want to cop more of them dang shoes!!!!
Awesome job man. Always

Bruce Johnston says:

Tmac millenniums??

FRUT111 says:

ok now i m hyped up but those lonzos, does anybody know if there are coupons for their site? or will there be?

young guru says:

pg 2 vs pg 2.5 vs kyrie 4 vs kyrie 5 which one is the best? currently have pg 1

and does translucent outsole make a big diff?

monarka12 says:

great as always

Leonardo Galván says:

Another shoe that i’ve felt in love with, is the Kyrie 4, i decided to cop when i saw your video of the top shoes of 2017, and they’re amazing, but they have the same issue than the soldier 12’s, the traction doesn’t last on the black top, and i’m not a dude that can be buying a pair every 2 months

I wish i could afford a pair of Kobe 1 protros or lebron 16’s, they seem like they’re tanks

JoMatt Mendoza says:

I’ve been waiting for this list. Before I buy a pair of basketball shoes, I make sure to watch your performance review. You saved me a lot of money. Thank you! Can’t wait for next year!

Minh Bảo Bùi says:

Please do best outdoor shoes !!!

Yeezys’ R’Gay says:

You should’ve reviewed the Nike Air Maestro 2 Trifecta. The materials are good as is the craftsmanship. True to size and they hug your feet. Plus they’re one of the dopest retros of the year.
Keep up the great work man. This is a no bullshit channel with honest entertainment. Thank you.

Kenneth Rojas says:

Love this video, man! Glad to see my choices for any time basketball are in your list as well: The Lebron 16 and the Why Not Zer0.1!

Stefan Raicevic says:

What would be your budget shoe of the year, how did you like the Lebron Witness 3? Awesome video btw

Arvin arvin says:

best for outdoors?

Bjorn Olofson says:

what about li-nings wade of wade

francis fontanilla says:

Damn adidas they thought drose is done

Andy Ly says:

usually these are my favorite videos to watch, cause its kind of like an overview of the year. thanks for giving it to us early!

Jason Buenafe says:

ProBounce didn’t make the list? I personally love that sneaker

matthew abraham says:

Because of you I got the Kyrie 5. I play big man but I don’t need the cushion and it goes so well with my play style

DRock406 says:

Congrats on another big year bro. Amidst all the youtuber “Best of” lists, yours is the best hands down. Always something to look forward to as the year is almost over. As the huge fan that I am, i’m embarrassed to say I haven’t played in any of these YET lol I mean i’m still playing in the Kobe 4, 5 and 11? Lol. But there are so many options now it’s crazy. As a big Kobe line fan I feel like I have to get the 360’s just because of how unique it is. I’ll grab the Chaos once those go on sale and same goes for the Kyries and Hardens. Maybe by next years video, i’ll let you know how they performed lol. Happy holidays to you and the fam Chris and get healthy!

Juan Moran says:

Cushion is important to me, so I love the LeBron 16’s. I might actually pick up the Hardens also. The Kobe 360’s were very fun to play in mainly cause of how fast I felt in them

Lkingdome says:

Merry Xmass and Happy nu year bro, enjoy … cant wait to see what 2019 brings in the shoes department!

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