Best RETRO Air Jordans for Basketball

Best Air Jordan Retro For Basketball

Hey Guys! Here are the best Air Jordan Retro models for basketball.

Performance Reviews on Air Jordan Retros:

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TheSmartSneakerhead says:

10s r my fav on court Jordan hands down

Richard Wynn says:

Hey, I couldn’t make a better list… Although those hella ugly Jordan 2010’s were a BLAST to play in. I’d slot them in at #4.

marco mundo says:

1’s – nothing like them. They stop on a dime. They are not heavy so you can move with extreme speed and jump really high. Plus, while you can stop on a dime only the 1’s and 3’s allow spin moves without wearing down your knees. This is very important. Alot of basketball players have bad knees from two things: leg stretches and shoes that stop you from spinning.

Ayyj_24 Espinoza says:

I used to like playing in the 1’s, 12’s & 14’s Dope video btw

Cranger06 says:

What kicks out there have a similar feel to the Jordan 10’s ?

First Name Last Name says:

10-14 only.

dd rosas says:

what about foamposites ?

Leo Sanchez Coello says:

How about retro Jordana vs 16,17,18… 20?

VanquishMMA says:

Have to show love to the 9. Little difficult to get on and put a hole in one toe area, but lasted a couple of years of intense playing. Most stylish boots I’ve ever owned back in the 90’s

Jags4e says:

Tryna choose between 33s and 10s

aqchino 08 says:

My everyday question? Best one for wide footers? Guess 11s are no go with the pinky issue

jfiler21 says:

What about the 23?

Jay Sandoval says:

Had my best moments hooping in the Jordan 12’s

goodie28 says:

why do you always kick your leg out when hitting a jumper?

DES says:

I like the 13 to hoop.

Last time I put on my concord 11s though and tried to hoop in them they hurt like hell…

Tristan Pang says:

I use the 8s, 14s and the 12s.
I get blisters though when I use my Flu Game 12s.

Sikai Wu says:

but jordann 10 dot have any traction .

Marquan Powell says:

My personal list

1.Air Jordan 3s (Just because they are my favorite js)
2.Air Jordan 14s
3.Air Jordan 11s
4.Air Jordan 12s
5.Air Jordan 6s

Yeezys’ R’Gay says:

In the 90s the worst kid on the team always had Jordans. Tell me I’m lying.

Andrew Santos says:

14, 13, 12 for me

Gil Albert Nunag says:

jordan 10 is my favorite but i really dont have money to buy them

Donald Lockett says:

Jordan 8s because once you strap them up your feet are locked in. Best retro Jordan to hoop in for me.

1984chupacabra says:

The original 12’s were awful to play in; The cushioning felt like solid wood. The easiest Jordan’s to get plantar fasciitis in.

The IM Storm says:

I played in the original 13’s, it was the black and that beige/brown combo and I wore them down to the ground literally. I mean there was a hole on the bottom of the shoe 🙂

KicksRMyCrak says:

When I was younger I used to ball every day at the YMCA. I used to use the same french blue 12’s for months and they always held up (back in 2004). The word “tank” is exactly how I would describe them too. They didn’t start “flopping” or sole seperation for like 2 years of 25 wears each month for hours at a time.

One of the rarest shoes I’ve balled in that were great were the Randy Moss Trifecta, in the white black and green colorway. They matched my school colors and were so durable and comfortable. I wish I could find those again.

My favorites to ball in:
1. XII
2. XIV
4. VII
5. XXI

TheyCallMe YDD says:

Air Jordan 8s

Ivan R says:

Air Jordan 10-14 was truly the gold era of performance Jordans

iM A sAvAgE i DaMaGe says:

12’s and 13’s for me.

MARCus Ognita says:


hooshangmaster says:

gotta be the jordan 1s… in a pair of short shorts, mustache, and thick tube socks.

Alfredo Alvarez_1187 says:

I like how you used Retro Colorways

Le'Teiz Jordan says:

I love your jumpshot

Gerry Rojas says:

Jordan 11 is my #1
It last me for 3 years (first year only to go out casual) till have no sole & got holes. Yes that much I like it. I used them every day mostly outdoor cement court.

Unfortunately the relaunch are not made equal to originals, now is cheaper materials & almost 3 times the price for it.

Ju31 says:

12, 13s best ballin jordans

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