This is the Lonzo ball ZO2 Performance review!

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G G says:

Who the Fuck pays 500 for sketchers ?

nothing to c here says:

@jesser how tall are you? Good bounce man

Lyneve Bautista says:

Why you buy it every body knows it looks bad and bad quality

Mario Gonzalez says:

These guys are fucking idiots! They don’t know shit about bball shoes please leave this to @nightwing2303

Mad AMV死 says:

wtf is that hair dude? cut it

Flaw Kraken says:

At most it’s a 200$ shoe

Norm Matthew Retuta says:

Is that 10ft???

Dirty Birds says:

You said you were going to get the lemlo ball shoes all ready

blades Ultra lock laces says:


Pharaohs24 says:

500$ sketchers

MrLunchHour2 says:

Your dumb as shit for buying it

Patrick Star says:

Finally a performance review

Evan E says:

How much money u get to say that ?

Mark Brown says:

Those don’t look that bad. The cost is too high. Good to check the performance of these shoes. This could be a commercial

J Day says:

Where the fuck is the ankle support? These look like some shoes a ping pong player would wear. So fucking ugly lol.

M K says:

There shitty $120 with bbb logo

yeezy v2 says:

Slowest turnaround fadeaway I’ve ever seen

Eddie Vasquez says:

10 minute video… really trying to get your money back after wasting your money on those shitholes

Wilson Gurung says:

How tall are u?

John Doe says:

“The traction is great” then shoes clip of their feet sliding

Zachary Jones says:

wtf if the traction in those shoes is a 9 and I could visually see you slipping a bit, what do you rate the traction on legitimate shoes like the Curry 4’s and other athletes shoes?

batistajrJDC says:

Did you break them in?

Demi God says:

Get the MB1s jizzer

Orange juice gaming YT says:

Check out what insides video

Clout Amadeus says:

man yall so full of shit lol bro when u break it down chop it so basic

NMT4MVP 30#35# says:

Doesn’t zach owe u Melo’s and showtime zo2

da kid says:

Paid programming

matt hearne says:

Addidas crazy lite

Devin Smith says:

That Chris Paul State Farm add has me dying

Sling Blade says:

30sec in and I’m not liking any of the music so far. Any chance we can lose the terrible so called hip-hop?

C Phom says:

Ugly AF

RussWest says:

Go get the melo shoe

polalpha cas says:

Dumb AF, they sketchers lmao

Reggie Mitchem141 says:

Can I get some zo2

J Sal says:

How tall is jesser

Izaak See says:

jesse with the BBB hoodie though

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