Does It Basketball? $15 AND 1 Wal Mart Basketball Shoes!


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クリチャン says:

dose it eraser?

Lorenzo Jimenez says:

Boii, an eraser would fray less.

Chris Cho says:

i was laughing so hard during this

JJazz says:

Where’s the intro

Daniel says:

Walmart sells champion shoes

Ognjen Todorovic says:

Evan yee did it better

Christian Salandanan says:

It’s a budget shoe what would u expect? Not everyone can buy a hoop shoe that cost $100

Juan Moran says:

Makes me feel better about the basketball shoes I buy. Got a great deal on some Kyries today. $42

Jacob cabe says:

You should review the and1 attack. They are really good performers

Ryan Kung says:

Is it available in all walmart?

Judiel An Gabriel says:

The rubber its look like eraser


For real tho the latest Nike and Adidas shoes cost about $30 to produce anyway

bugginout23 says:

thanks for the and1 love

Dude Dude says:

“I they think more-so just built these for hypebeasts.” Lol

Joe Dorrel says:

Sad to see. And1 was legit back in the day. The And 1 Desire and the And 1 Spree Mid were awesome and on par with what Nike/Adidas was putting out at the time. Be careful Sammy Lee. Shoes like those can give you irreversible damage especially to your knees. That sole “durability” is the worst I’ve ever seen. For people on a budget go to Marshals, Ross, Burlington, or the outlets. You can find steals for only a bit more $

ayers dycolene says:

These are the best running shoes I have purchased so far. I’m a D1 College Athlete so I run on the track nearly every day. These shoes are lightweight and very good quality. Exceeded my expectations in by fitting perfectly. Very great shoes.…At Buys9 > com

Galih Rahmandiyah says:

is that really and1 ? damn that really sucks a local brand where i live is better than those

Khải Nguyễn Xuân says:

Does it erase tho?

Bil Lionaire says:

this is a straight troll review lmaooo

Vutha Preng says:

They sold out at my Walmart


Love your channel keep up the shoes

Nimrod Habtom says:

Can u do kyire flytrap vs jordan b fly

Adam Alexander says:

Sammy said “rub it off”

1984chupacabra says:

Wait…but how is it on hard stops, though?

Ian Cogan says:

Imma cop cause I’m runnin low on erasers for school

Josiah Ho says:

disposable shoes!!!

Lorenzo Jimenez says:

Boii, an eraser would fray less.

Alfa male Real nigga says:

There good for ice skating

tissueturtle says:

do Air Force 1 ’07

Isaac Gutierrez says:

I’ve been asking for this for like a year finally lol

Alfa male Real nigga says:

And I don’t want that one

First Name Last Name says:

Evan Yee though

:{ says:

Ain’t and 1 for outdoor use

RicoSuaVe says:

In the early 2000s, pro ball players was wearing And1s. I remember Rafer Alston, Jason Richardson, Vince Carter and plenty others wore And1s and balled the fck out.

Efren Hernandez says:

Does it basketball:Indoor Soccer shoes. Either the Nike Tiempo or Adidas Samba. Classic shoes that should make a good video.

LUKE says:

does it still basketball AND1 Tai Chi

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