Does It Basketball? Adidas Harden Lifestyle!

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Canon 5d

5d Battery

5d Lens 35mm

5d Lens 14mm


Camera Light

Camera Track

Back Drop

Back Drop Cloth

5D Memory Card

Tascam “Audio Recorder”

Sony A5000 Camera

32 GB SD Card

Camera Bag


Dallon Zinszer says:

why does one side have that dark purple blotch on the glow-in-the-dark part? Mine has it too, and I was wondering if my model was defective.

Mehar Mann says:

Should I get the vol 1 lifestyles or the dame 4?

Papa Ho says:

Can don dunk?

Sam Ayson says:

Harden B/E Performance Review please.

Lorenzo Galarosa says:

Can you do a jordan trunner does it basketball?

Devin Booker says:

Lonzo played in thos

Song Vo says:


Desmond Barksdale says:

Does it basketball: cam newtons new C1N Under Armor

Agent_ T13 says:

are u telling me to get them in a size 14?!

Uchiha Sasuke says:

Holy fuck Sammy can feel something!!! instacop

G.W. says:

Is there really a good shoe that DOESN’T pick up dust though? All shoes pick it up eventually.

Chris Short says:

Too bad I can’t afford

banana katana says:

Does the color of the sole fade when used like it turns yellowish?

dillon derreise2 says:

Do a reading comments video

Garrett King says:

I have these in a size 16 and you can definitely ball in these. Not to mention these shoes are comfortable and clean as fuck. Wasn’t gonna get these until I saw Lonzo playing in these then I knew it was official. I’d highly recommend

Jerome Foerster, III says:

I’m 80 pounds and I’m 12 I need to eat!!!!

taiyo khuth says:

which shoes doesnt pick up dust??

Bryan Wong says:

What is the best basketball shoe so far?

redheaded_gamer says:

Where can I cop these at? I can’t find them anywhere

angelo arevalo says:

They made this shoe because if let’s you are walking then someone ask you play me 1v1 you can’t say I’m on a Casual Shoe because LS can be used as a Basketball shoe for those reasons you can’t say no anymore hahaha.

Sean Woodbury says:

damn that shoe is FIRE!!!!!

LIl Glassiz says:

Harden Ls vs harden vol 1

everybody 로얄 says:

Is this comfortable??

chauKlet 1080 says:

Nah fam adidas just didn’t wanna call it the harden vol 1 elite

cookie Monster says:

Harden bte

Joshua Aliga says:

no Question Lonzo Ball Wear That Shoes! in Summer League!

guilherme santos says:

Do a does it basketball, volleyball shoe, Mizuno or Asics preferably

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