Does It Basketball? Barefoot!

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Fildo Barreto says:

here in Brazil we play soccer barefoot

Nate Dickerson says:

The best part is them taking it so seriously

CY Ho says:

Can u guys do a dismantle video? It would be real nice to see if the company lies about the cushion

aleK ramos says:

yeah bro barefoot mga tropa

nathaniel jordan says:

dude those are fake AF, at least review some OG’s

Zeinab Shehata says:

rollerskates does it basketall

Cyco C says:


Cooper Davenport says:

Play in sky zone socks

an fagit says:

my gal friends also do the 12:44 when they laugh as well

vayahoo says:

am like how on earth do they keep a straight face when doing this shit until i saw the end. good stuff

Gibs saturnino says:

sino dito pinoy

Diego Gomez says:

does it basketball indoor soccer cleats

sloth theory says:

hey why don’t they just put a foot print traction on kds shoe

Mason Hamilton says:

they need to engineer artificial foot skin to put on the bottom of shoes. That would be the best traction ever.

腐劑防 says:

Ha ha ha !!!

Vince Nguyen says:

Rip ankles

aaron rodriguez says:

high heels

Anish Nanda says:

I think feet is the most popular shoe brand ever

Metallic Tec says:

At 3:43 in the vid he travelled

aaron rodriguez says:

high heels

toper aquino says:

Size 14 and the other one is 7? But they look the same height sitting

Luther 2k says:

i got them for retail

benjamin mihevec says:

i have the asian exclusive

Gab The G says:

It’s true 🙂 We play with barefoot and nearly worn-out ball :))

Derek Fleming says:

my sole changes color often depending upon the court surface, I’m sure im not the only one with this predicament.. could mine be fake?

Illuminate says:

When your foot has better traction then the Jordan 31s…

Bryan Quinones says:

Can you guys put the link in the description so we can buy it PLZ

Tim Mariano says:

Its true we play bare foot

_Neo says:

Here in the Philippines, we wear shoes alright. But most of the time, you see us playing barefoot or playing with tsinelas (flip-flops)

Frank West says:

anyone wanna trade with my yellow colorway?

BDRP Pros says:

Don says 100,200,300$ for a shoe what about 495$

Leonard Tadina says:

im from the Philippines im 12 and i play barefooted often on outdoor courts

Epi Agunla says:

Please do barefoot vs retros.

Yazen_D says:

why dont they make the same grip for shoes

Sean Fernandez says:

Does it basketball Nike HyperFresh.

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