Does It Basketball? Chuck Taylor 2 II Review!

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Canon 5d

5d Battery

5d Lens 35mm

5d Lens 14mm


Camera Light

Camera Track

Back Drop

Back Drop Cloth

5D Memory Card

Tascam “Audio Recorder”

Sony A5000 Camera

32 GB SD Card

Camera Bag


Wesley Holt says:

Hey can you guys do some PF flyers??

Jordan Westbrook says:

does it basketball patrick ewings hi

Garry Davis says:

whats name of the tune used for background music pls……

Java Red says:

I <3 my chuck's

BorisTheSlav says:


Nathan Perez says:

this should be a “does it still basketbal?” not “does it”

Adrian Land says:

yall should wear a nike SB shirt and say its for sole brothers XD

memosolit says:

Weren’t chucks originally for basketball?

Kamote says:

does it still basketball: adidas originals top ten hi

GamingBaller 823 says:

Does it basketball is a good question, the thought made me CHUCKle

TheFlying Dog says:

isent the toe thing made so you can draw on it?

i am you says:

we play barefoot on pavement tho.

_ Mechros _ says:

Damn you guys are old…

I couldn't come up with an original name D: says:

Watching this and just realized it’s been an entire year

Henry Drew says:

does it basketball: ski boot. or uggs

SPAC JOE says:

Wouldn’t this be a does it still basketball because plays use to play in chucks

Paul Park says:

lmao they forgot about heel slippage. I think it’s cause there is absolutely none. Taking these shoes off takes as long as your math teacher’s lecture.

Nick Carter says:

Guys, have you seen dese Chucks in size 17 or 18? There sickest kicks! I got damn fins an its a hard mission to get sick kicks big enough for my fins to stick in! I se there narrow but dats cool cuz my fins are narrow. Just freaking long! Thanks guys!
Cheers! Nick – a skater dude wid the fins.

kazanyemmi says:

paying more then $30 for chucks is a rip off. low quality by today’s standard.

Alex Black says:

It’s weird because, much like most people dont associate jeans with manual labour anymore, I’ve never associated Converse with basketball, wouldn’t think to wear Converse for sports in general. Maybe the Chuck 2.

Tanner Hayes says:

chucks when they break in there awesome

Matthias Vervaeke says:

vans skate pro , next shoe for this series

Halomoan Pasaribu says:

Does it basketball: nike air rift

Shoken King says:

does it still basketball Jordan retro three

ThatsJimmii says:

What size should I get if I wear D Rose 6 size 10 and reebok questions size 11

blazingdrgn says:

its not meant for basketball. thats why it hurts

/b/read.Justylol says:

Does it basketball: Curry Lux

Julianoo _25 says:

I got two blisters on both of my pinky toes by wearing them for basketball shoes

Mario Merola says:

can u please do air max 2017

Tony704 Senpai says:

Air monarch 4

Aqua Cronikz says:

Every girl in my school wears these but in white.

brian says:

my ankles fucked ive been to physical therapy and nothing works i was told to stop balling but im not gonna so what shoes has a thin sole and hightop with good support

Bigbadb865 says:

You should do a does it basketball with those shoes that have individual toes

Led Zeppelin Fan says:

I got these shoes its in all black

Charles Coldman says:

Where did you get your shirt from? The blue and white one.

Donovan White says:

does the jordan 2 still basketball?

Pernection says:

If you want some damm good cushion use foam floor mats.

Meanlook says:


Ethan Jackson says:

Try out the chuck 1 they have cloth on the sole which will make for a interesting traction test

Paul Guerrios says:

damn, you guys complain alot about how your feet hurt, back in the day i wore what i had and i never complained, you guys need to train your feet, yall got some pussy feet

A-lex says:

i can find them for 50 euros


that canvas is treated with durasheild so it’s stiffer

41DallasMavsFan41 says:

I hoop in these.

Brenden Finney says:

I skate in those

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