Does It Basketball? Nike Flight Bonafide!

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Tran Chuong says:

damn i hope they dont get broke by that shoes

Joseph Morigeau says:

It has a little bit of zoom in the heel

honeyblunt5150 says:

have you already done the nike air prestos? could be interesting

Dennis Cassidy says:

i was really looking forward to these and was really disappointed that nike cheaped out on these.. they have the pockets in the midsole for where zoom should be but in heel its AIR which just sucks lets be honest.. and in forefoot they put a piece of foam in there… dafuq just give us the zoom units nike…

Peterson St Fleur says:

do the foam posite

Corey Smith says:

Thumbnail says “Does it Still Basketball” but it came out in 2017

anton eckart says:

BRO your feet almost came out of the shoe on the stops. watch that shit in slow mo. youre bulging out the side a full inch! these are gonna snap ankles.

Jack Mulqueen says:

They bring the toe up in flyknit shoes so you don’t damage your toes

TheHawer7 says:

So i can use them basketball?

Smashtube99 says:

keep on making vids your awsome

Harry's youtube says:

sammy im korean too

Crpickettman says:

I just got these today and I love them got them for 60 dollars there was another pair for 50

bringoutthelegos says:

I saw these in a shoe store in California, and all I could think was “what the fuck are these? They look like it’s made for aliens!”

Kyrie Irving says:


Amakled22 says:

Not gonna lie I wore these over my kyrie 3s twice and I felt so much better

Mr Maravilla says:

these are more for style than anything else

YoungBrayden says:

they are ugly as fucking shit, they look like garbage and preform like garbage. who would get these?!

Jj Lopez says:

Does Gucci basckit ball

ÖzünegeTv says:

tr çeviri yapanın amkk koym burdan

dj says:

At 2:00 I thought the shoe was gonna rip

Dominique Knox says:

white boy hittin that asian guys asscheeks with the kicks on

Pete guyette says:

Ugly shoe

Hunter James says:

Do you guys have merch?

J SOUL says:

I have a pretty wide foot, do you think if I go true to size it won’t slide around?

Quintin Masias says:

bro when do they actually show them playing basketball in them I’ve seen some many of this and it doesn’t show them playing basketball in the shoes

Raheem Amir says:

You guys should randomly switch the intro

Klyn Vlogs says:

I like them

AJ Blanco says:

the thumbnail says does it still basketball oh but i liked and subbed

ron ross says:


RC avalanche says:

Its a basketball shoe why is this a does it basketball??

Moon Luna says:

Dose it basketball: PF Flyers All American

matthewscottsnyder99 says:

His name should be Sammy “so, uh, yeah”

Kief Ravena says:

I’d wear these rather than my curry 4’s

Anderson C says:

The designer of this color way probably had fruity pebbles for breakfast and then designed it. Lol

Mariners Fan says:

please can you stop making vids about this awful shoe

Bj Failey says:

Lmao she thick

A.Frank Blunt says:

Y’all two are starting to piss me the fuck off with your miseducation and misinformation jargon!!! They have FOREFOOT ZOOM AIR AND AN AIRBAG UNIT IN THE HEEL!!!! Smfh

bostonredsox2188 says:

Please do Stan Smiths, the non boost one…

aazion douglass says:

i have it it is 150$ they are cool i am 10 i showed them off to my classmates they said i was better than foamposites i have foamposites and hauraches kyries lebrons and jordans every thing

TrumpVerbot says:

Anybody gonna make a tide pod design from this?


Bruh dat shoe looks like curry fours but Nike and it’s yellow

Shannon Cleopas says:

Your names are like a japanese designed shoe yow whatsup its donny and sammy lee here like what the hell

Sean Fernandez says:

Do does it basketball nike hyperfresh. Please.

EDMACK11 says:

NOT the first nike basketball shoe with Zoom Air. Two came before it. Nike Go LWP and the Air Flight One (penny). FACTS!

Hype Outlet says:

*My dad said I could buy any nmd I want if I get 100 subs by august! Please help this come true and subscribe to me!*

Bryce 016 says:

Please make a bonafide vs nxt please

Jack Pulse says:

Does it basketball? Nike sock dart. No

Pako Zavala says:

Do a “does it basketball?” with Nike Air Unlimited, I really want to know what you guys think. One of my favorite shoes ever.

Ирина Коновалова says:

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