Does It Basketball? Nike’s CHEAPEST Basketball Shoe! $35! Fly.By Low!

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Javi Cavazos says:

I like when Don does the reviews

Adam Marick says:

Can I get a shoutout please

FBI Agent 114 says:

I guess it’s called the fly by for a good reason

Peter Pan says:

can you please do reebok ventilator

Kaiser Em Syn says:

Been looking for this… I bought one myself… But the black and white variant..mine is more tougher and the grip is way better… The cushioning is great… Maybe you got 7A xD hahaha… Traction is great… Squeaks like hell.. haha

christopher luna says:

Does it basketball “And 1’s” from Walmart or something

tien nguyen says:

dope intro

AqilDan11 says:

I’ve used this shoes for a year but now I’m using the Dame 4 and I see what u guys mean this shoe really sucks

Cathy Zand says:

I have a pair

Gavin Walls says:

Mine were 69.95

_Mau James_23_ says:

Its a 10 footer because you see it from 10 feet and they look good but upclose its shit

Limitless 215 says:

Got these in the highs and they kill it on the court it depends if your running real ball or not a lot of these reviews depends on person to person.

rocklee says:

Try the Air versitile line they are doable

Fade says:

i’m sorry but this intro… naaah. like the transition was nice at the end.
but the intro felt pretty generic. Like one of those intro templates from 2016.

Ruxs says:

That intro sucks

Sneaker Head27 says:

Intro is not the garbage tho…dat shoe is the garbage…one of the stupid shoe ever…

Z - Boy says:

I gotta a bite into my fly by lows in triple black.

prival fang says:

that intro is fucing aids.

Esco beats says:

Where’s the link. Tryna cop

Zane McCune says:

The cheapest shoes that are actually dope are the Lebron Soldier 11 right now.

Alex Rodri says:

I found those at an academy outlet for 9.98

Metamox Memes says:

Current retail is 88$

Jan Enric Nido says:

I saw these in the outlet store yesterday, I had the same reaction. Hahaha from afar, I was like wooo those look nice, and I got nearer man that looks like shit HAHAH

Max Janeček says:

Do the puma district performance review

xd alessandroo says:

the intro… this ain’t it chief, just it ain’t it…

Roger says:

Adidas Mad Bounce is $50 now, which is much better.

Despaci Thot says:

I never wore my ball shoes for almost a year. The rubber/traction lost its bite and it became rock hard

QuoteMe PROD says:

hey my birthday was yesterday, could you send me them

Francesco says:

mannnn that intro is dope

Joey Simon says:

try the air ringleader I saw em at encore for 62

Meshit Messi says:

Sole Brothers are the most dumb shoe reviewer in youtube… come playing barefoot is better than wearing flybylow????do u try playing ball the entire game with barefoot alone???

dumbass idiots….your feet will have blisters for sure….and flybylow isnt that bad coz i have a pair of that shoe….it is surprisingly durable eventhough it looks like it was made from non-premium materials…

it is light to wear and and a good outdoor basketball sneaker..

and besides its ur skills that matters in a game..not the shoes u r wearing…

fuck dumb idiots…signature shoes gambas the both of you..

Yesnier Merced says:

Guys, go back to the old intro. This shit is annoying. Doesn’t match the feel of the content either. If yall are chill, you want a chill intro

Elias Klingbeil says:

Why y’all hating on the intro?

CHAZR Campos says:

Maybe change the font in that intro

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