Fear of God Basketball Sneakers Review + On feet Fifth Collection

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Today’s Video: Today we will be doing a review on the very much hyped Fear of God Fifth Collection Basketball Sneakers. I think it goes without saying that Fear of God has created a deep and impactful wave. Fusing Faith, Grundge, Chic and now Sportswear into the fashion industry. Jerry Lorenzo has done what many have dreamed and he seems to only be getting started. The Fear of God for 5th collection, Basketball Sneaker is a top quality luxury sneaker using the highest quality material and craftsmanship (just like the military sneaker). And believe me, you can feel it. What are your thoughts on the shoe? Cop? Drop? Comment down below. Thanks guys!

Thank you @Khvnhye for letting us review your shoes!


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Saul Covarrubias says:

You should do an on fit with sevral out fits

Chavy Infante says:

Lol Paul thinks he’s slick walking out of the frame with those Vans.

TWFractured says:

low key with the fear of god vans

Xpert 18 says:

I always love coming home to a new video

El Diablo says:

you should get one Paul

con elwyn says:

just buy some vans smh

sliatedehtnisilived says:

IMO, these look like a Walmart version of the Ricks. Really, no creativity put in these sneakers and they look horrible.

Flopseey Doodle says:

dope video

Sneaker Sucide says:

Best man

Nazariy K says:

deadass how do i cop these

Dom-okoebu osareme david says:

the subtle flex of the fog vans , amazing

Octavio Garcia says:

Hi there, Im getting confused about the sizing, just wondering if you can help me out? For example what size u wear in lets say Jordan 1’s? I wear sz 11.5 and dont know to go with 43 or 44 sizing in these or the military!!! Thanks

Matt Mendoza says:

Im a new fan , i know im late but can you pin this

JetPaul says:

Great video Paul! New “Fear of God” vans next?

Victor Murillo says:

The sneaker boots are better imo

The Soulful Filmmaker says:

bro vlog neemz on facetime lmao

Brandon Vallario says:

Not too crazy about these. The military sneakers however, are Jerry’s best shoe. The best alternative to both shoes though is The Weeknd’s signature shoe with Puma. It definitely resembles the Fear of God shoe aesthetic without breaking the bank, plus the low key “XO” branding. But personally I would choose the military sneaker 10 out of 10 times.

Cryptocurrency Your chance says:

Hello, who wants to buy. (Fear of basketball sneakers) for $ 200?

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Adrian Ramirez says:

I love the FOG videos! Keep up the great content as always, Paul!

A&R says:

Fake Ricks

Pierson Ngo says:

I would loose lace em

ZavR- BoostVibes says:

hey paul can you please respond to my dm on instagram @v_l_x_n_e_ its vary important

Daniel Park says:

yo it sounds like you people actually buying this shit its $1000 rich chinese ppl lolll

Hanzo Shimada says:

Not so Early club great vid Paul I love those sneakers

AlanDaGAWD says:

WOOAHH did i just see the new mainline vans for a split second

Nory Dahi says:

I just wanna say Paul you are so cool man I completely support you. You really seem like a humble youtuber as well as a great friend.

EL JU says:

These are a joke. $995. are you f’in kidding me?? It’s amazing how you are trying to justify these.

MG says:

I unsubbed to neemz for that reason, I didn’t even know he was that way. I see why you don’t make videos with him.

Kerry Lin says:

How did he get the fog vans so early?

Dylan says:

a few things… 1) you repeated yourself multiple times throughout the video, and 2) you didn’t state how the shoes fit, all you said was “go with your 4th collection size” like how the fuck does that help almost anyone? should i really downsize 2 sizes?

christianbrio says:

i see you putting you make me brave as the song

Saul Covarrubias says:

On foot

gustavo garcia says:

I can definitely tell why people would like this sneaker even though I’m not really feelin em all that much, but great vid overall, keep doin what your doin brotha.

Keisuke Tang says:

Should I go 2 sizes down on these and do these fit the same as the jungle sneakers

JumperMan Kris says:

these are kinda dope i couldnt pull it off lol

Mikhail Andrae says:

LOOOOOL Paul that moment when you said “I might coz I’m a Jerry Boy” you make crack up Paul haha!

yesicanhave says:

Crotch blowout about to happen

Flopseey Doodle says:

Is it too much to ask for you to do a tutorial on how to care for more complex fabrics such as flannel, the soft material on FOG boxy tees, and stretch denim? If possibe, that would be great. Tnx Paul!!

Jerry Lorenz says:

Whats about the new era vans at 6:15????? Are they already released?

Ben Perez says:

They look like like Nike air force ones ..smh

ThaJoka98FTW says:

Could you do a video/explain what the difference is between M1 stretch denim and M1 denim? Obviously the stretch restricts movement less, but I own the stretch denim and they are super tight and form fitting around the thighs, and I was wondering if the regular M1 is less tight. I’m not necessarily a bigger guy, just have been working out for a little while now

andre pv says:

how did you get the new vans x fog slip on?

Alec Argueta says:

These look nice on a shelf but on feet they dont look as appealing. The midsole is too wide in the back to match the bulky upper. It works with the tall and slim boot but not so much with this shoe.

Tommy Salami69 says:

Where’s the vans

Dugan Miller says:

Where’s Neemz?

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