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Germ 23 says:

Nigga recorded with a flip phone

MrMahazestar says:

Quias I’m a huge fan brah but Complex flamed you hard. You going to respond to that brah?

Drew Holmes says:

smh. this dude just said ruby gay!

Germ 23 says:

Shit quality

Benjamin Shaposhnikov says:

Awesome vid!

cgeorge 26_ says:

Stfu kobe’s are flat also!!! Talking about u dont like flat basketball shoes

William Michael says:

It’s are not is for the title come on

Jacob Baskin says:

R these shoes bad boys

Equeous says:

qias this is 360p why???

julz packin says:

Is quies wearing a wig or is just me look at his hair


You cant ball fat ass

Ryan Kelp says:

You don’t care about your viewers, promoting scam sites mystery brands.net. That’s fucked up

Kevin Robinson says:

Honest truth: is this channel any good?


Bape Squad says:

Have you used the crep eraser

Timothy John says:

Stole this idea from Mike.

Future YT says:

Your fat

Germ 23 says:

You ain’t a Hooper cuh

mychubbycheekerz says:

RUBY?! RUBY GAY???????

Jacob Baskin says:

These shits is literally kd11


Why did they have to make them in that color though. Terrible colorway

KRES 1 says:

Those Puma’s Fire though !!!

Gunther 8544 says:

Puma and Brach’s release a collab just in time for Halloween! Seriously, these are going on my Christmas list. I’ve already seen three NBA players wear the Clydes in a game.

G says:

Another trash sponsored video thats stroke 2 for you

Nikolas Espinosa says:

Biggest hype beast on YouTube.

Adrian Ramirez says:

Lmfao damn I haven’t watched him in like 2 years he’s fat as fuuuuuuuuuck and is such a hype beast in a bad way no shade just truth

Simba reps says:

Jay Z is the head of Puma Basketball, thats why all these athletes are signing to Puma.

PA702 says:

Shoe vibes

Matthew does nothing says:

tbh it looks like a ripoff of kd 11

Matt The Knicks Fan says:

1:17 *RUBY* gay???

Jonny Numbers says:

Are we going to ignore the fact that the video quality is 360p

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