Jordan B. Fly Performance Review!


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uffu says:

Lillard 2 vs Jordan

Paulo Neto Santana says:

do you think that the superfly 5 have bether cushion ?

Corndog On a stick says:

U guys suck

zero2three1 says:

These look dope with good materials. But since the traction is bad, why not modify it by cutting in grooves perpendicular to the ones already there?

slamandjam2 says:

I feel like for the more lowkey cushion setups like smaller, or bottom loaded zoom units, Don should be the one to test them. Sammy is too light and almost every single shoe that has a cushion setup like that he says he’s too light and can’t feel it. I’m 6’5 175lbs, so not super heavy, and every shoe that I try that he says he cant feel I experience the opposite.

Jorge Stucchi says:

do the jordan extrafly please

Jmboricua_100 says:

Do the Jordan super fly 5 po.

Vann Kirkland says:

Do a review of the Jordan team 2

Golden Cheese says:

i bought it for 79 on july 4

Copper mo Sneaks says:

Where is the breakdown?

Danimal The Animal says:

4:04 Shoe falls off.

Marko Hd says:

do a review on adidas outrival 2016k

Erique Thurman says:

I hoop in these shoes and it literally is a diamond in a rough. I’m a explosive first step guy and these shoes give the foot ultimate control of where u want to go. It literally is like a budget Westbrook shoe. The traction could definitely be better but I never have slippage in games and I can definitely fly in these when I take off. I recommend you putting these in your spring/summer line up

Raffouw9 says:

I feel like they downed on the traction part so ppl could buy their expensive shoes

Chay Xuan says:

can u upload the versus between and cp3.x

Vitaly P says:

Should I buy them for daily use ? I mean are they goes good with jeans ? skinny ones . or its only for basketball ?

RobinGames says:

You should do the ultrafly 2, it just released

Harry Andrews says:

pls watch my Jordan b fly review sorry its only short

Adam Pond says:


Gax Pranich says:

Who else saw green when they did the close up of the traction

Brandon Ingram says:

just wanna add that these are perfect for outdoor use ive been hoopin in 3 pairs of these outdoor almost everyday and dont have any issue. they def. my goto outdoor shoes

Guava Dzmystery says:

Why do performance this year (2017) it was released last December!!

David Godines says:

can u guys do a video about vans vs convers please is not the im going to wered them but yust to see what better

Aidan Hernandez says:

those are the “I’m at my dad’s this weekend” 17s

MHSvATO says:

y don’t u guys write down the weights?? lol

robert fidelis piedad says:

fuck that cough..! its so loud..!

Ray Ray says:

Thx Bro’s… Have a pair that I haven’t hooped in yet, but now I’m gonna give it a try

Zach ,Based says:

I feel like with the Flights these are more casual shoes lmao

Ninjaguard13 says:

Can you guys please review the Ultra Fly 2?!

jon s says:

So Jordan Brand is still being dumb with the traction? Between the Jordan 31, Melo 13, and now the B Fly, they’ve screwed up all of their recent shoes with the traction. I don’t know how it’s even possible to still screw up traction in 2017.

King Izaiah says:

I got these same ones for 59.99 today

Daniels T says:

does it still basketball jumpman team 2

Mars Peña says:

Review of ultrafly 2!! 🙂

TibzzTube says:

Got these a couple of weeks ago. I love everything about them except the fact they’re so damn narrow. I tried them on in the store, they were absolutely perfect. Never felt such a good fitting shoe. A couple of days later my right foot was killing me, it felt like the shoe tried to chop my foot in half. After a week of breaking them in, they fit perfectly again.

Guys with wide feet like me, take into consideration that you’ll have to really give them a week of hard break in before they become comfortable.

Julian Martins says:


AING says:

If only jordan bfly has hard outsole, dude this will be amaziiingg

liirum laarum pewkele says:

are these outdoor or indoor

Gav Fcs says:

Jordan B Fly vs D Lillard 2

Fifjfjj Fkfjfjfjvmf says:

I use those for everyday shoes you can wear and play in them outside

alec blamowski says:

Curry 3’s Price are down to $100 would you recommend them at that price?

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