Jordan Future: Good Hoop Shoe??

Quick review over the Jordan Future from a performance point of view for those curious whether or not this is a good shoe to hoop in. Also, we’ll take a look at the shoe from more of a casual perspective. As always, hope you guys enjoy!

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Justin McNelly says:

i ball in my futures sometimes because they’re so damn comfortable but its way too easy to get crossed up lol when you’re trying to keep your feet moving quick and stay in front of the person these shoes do not contain you enough. They’re just so comfortable though

oneyedthing says:

Jordan Future Injury

Alan Sanchez CR7 says:

can anyone tell me what kind of socks are those he is wearing??? because there are 2 types of Jordon elites and the ones he has are my favorite so can anyone tell me what they are called

Sir Axel says:

That’s a fresh top. What is called

Danny Arias says:

aww man i already ordered them 🙁

Omarius Carter says:

Like it

Jason Dominguez says:

intro song..?

wira atmaja says:

weird mine has little dots on white parts

Lil Uzi Vert Is A beast says:

I play with futures and I can still use all thoose moves

Hallisey33 says:

are futures and horizons the same shoe and if the arnt are the horizons good for playing basketball

Bil Lionaire says:

if you’re dumb enough to hoop in these applaud yourself


this shoe is a fucking lifestyle shoe

Renz Meneses says:

Can you play ball with Jordan 1 ko ?

Zachary Herzberg says:

I have the all black pair and the wold grey and go out with them all the time. By far the moat comfortable SHOE in general I’ve ever owned. I never balled or even ran in them because they do have very little ankle support but love walking in them and wearing them out to either the bar with friends or dressing up for diner.

Rolluprey says:

My ankles hurt like shit after going to practice today in these

MrSuperbrossc22 says:

is it aight to hoop in with the homies, outdoor tho


So I bought these for ball so should I hoop in en or jus get new shoes and keep em for casual????

Rafael Rodriguez says:

first of all he wearing the low tops

ItsKidBreezy says:

instrumental while j jones was talking?

David Jackson says:

can you do a video on Jordan eclipse

xAndreiii Z says:

That’s the problem about Jordan, Jordan is now for Fashion not for Basketball smh

Miles Gray says:

rip to Jordans

Taiko Dumbum says:

When I saw the pic on the vid I was like dammmmmm that doesn’t hurt

Zeus The German Shepherd says:

r those low tops

Faggio says:

Just give them bitchs to mee then

John Rodriguez says:

Are these the same as horizons? Where you cant play bball in them?

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